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More BBQ, Soccer and the Dang Heat

So, munch had his soccer BBQ to honor those who participated in Spring Soccer last week and it was hot. The humidity felt oppressive and I almost died from heat exhaustion. Okay, maybe not but you get the picture right? It was hot. Dang June in Maryland.

Munch was more concerned about the moon bounce than the heat and was drenched. They ran out of water which made me mad, but thankfully my girlfriend’s husband went and got us some. Crisis averted!

Some parents were out there playing soccer with their kids, but since it was too hot and I’m too old, I just sat in my chair watching munch in the moon bounce. He really isn’t into sports when it comes to a moon bounce. Moon bounces will win every time. I’m not sure about fall soccer, but we will see.

The coach gave a brief intro about each player and when he introduced munch he said, “This player is more concerned about having fun and will always ask me at the end of each game or practice, Coach how did I do today.”
I knew he was referring to munch and I laughed. My baby has no competitive spirit. His spirit is about fun. Oh well!

Here are some photos from this season including his soccer trophy:







  1. Aww I love that he’s just cool with having fun and isn’t all that concerned with winning. My oldest is very competitive and it’s really exhausting having to comfort him. He’s a perfectionist.


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