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Beer, Bourbon and BBQ

So, Mr. K and I were supposed to attend the Beer, BBQ and Bourbon Festival on Friday night at the National Harbor. Unfortunately, he got sick and couldn’t make it.



To say that I was disappointed was an understatement. I wanted to hang with my Mr. K, but illness was a part of life and I just took it as a sign. A sign that maybe the universe was trying to keep us apart. I know I’m dramatic, but just stick with me okay?


So, I searched high and low for someone to attend last minute and was thankful that my friend was able to attend. Nothing romantic. Just a great guy willing to help out a friend because he didn’t have plans that Friday night.

We had a blast!  Neither of us had ever attended, but it was something to do that was different. It was live music, alcohol and BBQ and cigar smoking. The food was awesome! I had the pulled pork because I’m from the south and we always eat the pig. LOL! He had the BBQ brisket and he said the pork was better. I also had to get a funnel cake. It was so good. No toppings. Just the powered sugar.

What else? The band was nice until it started raining. But, we needed the cool rain because it was so humid. I actually tasted and enjoyed some of the beers even though I’m not a big beer drinker. I would definitely go again!










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