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No One Like Mama

So, let me pause and say that I love men and all that you do. Now, that I’ve said that, can I just be honest and say that there’s nothing like a mother to comfort her child when he’s sick? I mean I get that men can take care of their children and they do it well, but there’s nothing like a mother’s touch or kiss when you’re sick. You instantly feel better. Or so I’m presuming.

My munch is sick. He’s been sick since Sunday. I’m dying because he’s sick and he’s not with me. Yes, I know his dad is taking good care of him, but I’m his mama. He’s my only child and my womb aches when he’s not around (Okay, not really, but you get the drift?). I miss my munch and his sickness makes me sad especially because I’m not there to kiss and comfort his feverish body. Yeah, I know it’s overkill, but it is the truth.

Sunday night his dad called me to say that he was taking munch to the Urgent Care and wondered if I wanted to meet them. “Hell yes” was my reply. I rushed to be with my son and we arrived at the same time. The saddest brown eyes looked at me. I reached over and hugged him to me and he was burning up. “He has a fever” I stated. His dad said, “That’s why I brought him”.

The pediatrician at the Urgent Care stated it was a virus and it would have to pass. Keep him hydrated. “That’s it?” I questioned. “Yes, there is nothing we can do other than waiting for it to work its way through his system” he said. “Dang doctors” I muttered. I held on to my baby tightly.

It’s now been 4 days and he was seen by his pediatrician twice as well. They repeated what the Urgent Care doctor said and said to keep with the BRATS diet but add protein. “My poor baby” I muttered.

I call his dad five times a day in between meetings because my boss went on vacation and I’m apparently in charge. I don’t want to be in charge. I want to be a momma. I want to hold my baby and nurse him back to health. On one of those calls I asked munch, “Baby, how are you feeling?” He responded, “Mommy, I don’t feel good. I got diarrhea.” I laughed uncontrollably. I needed to laugh.

These are moments when I hate co-parenting. When I have to let his dad parent without me. I know his dad is taking care of him just fine. I know that his dad will always do what’s best for his son, but I just know that there’s nothing like a mama. Especially munch’s momma.

Ah, the joys of parenting.

Boy (9-11) holding stomach, grimacing


  1. I think that this is true no matter how old you get. I love that when my daughter is sad, sick or scared she wants me to comfort her. My husband and I were both sick with the stomach flu last Halloween and both our mothers came over. He wanted his to take care of him and I wanted mine. There is absolutely “no one like Mama.” Great post. Hope your son is feeling better.


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