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Second Grade: We’re in the Big Leagues

Last week I attended Back to School Night at munch’s school and I realized that second grade is the big leagues. Why? Because that’s when more homework happens. Munch is in a French Immersion school so not only does he have his regular french curriculum this year he is now taking Reading Language and Arts everyday so that they can make sure that he is reading in English so that he can take his standardized testing.

Wow! Lots of work. This is also the year in which he will get “real” letter grades to let us know how he is truly doing. I have to be honest though…I’m kinda scared. Why? Because many people don’t realize that munch is the type of child that you have to explain the big picture and end result too. You have to let him know why you’re doing something or he won’t do it.

Feel my frustration and anxiety yet? I have faith that he will be successful and that it will all go good, but I am anxious. One thing that I’m neurotic about is making sure that his homework is done and that I review what he did in after care. If it is not accurate, I erase and make him do it again. His dad just lets it go sometimes. At least that is what he did last year. So, I called his dad last night and explained that “We have to make sure that we are checking the School Max portal weekly and that we are reviewing his homework for accuracy and recognizing his strengths and/or weaknesses so that we can get him help.” He said, “Okay”. I said, “This is in addition to his regular homework from his teacher that we have to stay on top of it.” “Okay” he replied. I sighed. “Thank you for listening and I will send you a copy of the paperwork I got from the teachers.”

Munch is 7. He will have approximately 6 hours of homework a week. He takes Tae Kwan Do 3 times a week and swimming once a week. I’m wondering if this is too much. I want him to be a success in school, but I want him to find that work-life integration that we adults try to find. Fun and work. I want that integration to start now. I can’t think that he can be successful if I cut out all of his activities, but I don’t want him to feel like he’s overloaded. I choose two activities that are on him. Not a team sport. An individual sport.

Second grade is hard. French is hard. Parenting is hard. However, I am going to be optimistic and claim that he will have a successful second grade year no matter what. I have too because this kid right here….


Deserves every bit of success.

Ah, the joys of parenting!


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