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Dating Chronicles: You Need Me

So, men think that I am apparently desperate, delusional or dying for a moment of interest from them. Umm, that is farther from the truth. I lead an active life and if I didn’t it would be fine if you kept on trying to peddle your wares down the road buddy. The fact is that on-line dating is so comical that I spend most of my time wondering do these men have parents and what their mothers would say about some of the stuff they say or do to women on-line. Would their fathers tell them that they sound corny as hell and  just be yourself?

Check out the disappointing and corny conversation below:


Really? You need me? For what? I don’t know you. I’ve never met you and nor do you have my telephone number. What do you need me to do? Call a psychiatrist because your whack lines are played out? Man, get new material and find someone new.

Ah, the joys of dating.

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