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Three Things I Want You to Know – 11/14

Yesterday, I sent HIM an email entitled “Three Things I Want You to Know”. He replied that I always make him smile and that I’m funny.  LOL! Well, it got me to thinking that I wanted to share with you three things each Saturday that I wanted you to know. It could be anything about my life, week or current events. I just wanted you to know in case I missed talking about it or I forgot. Which tends to happen because I’m superwoman and I can’t possibly manage to remember 5 billion things. But, I try.

So, here’s the three things that I want you to know:

  • He and I are working out together and can I tell you that I actually enjoy it? I have room in my skinny jeans, increased endurance and an overall happier mentality. Our workouts are so great because I have a partner who wants to work out and doesn’t chastise me if I want a slice of pizza. LOL! (Which I haven’t had a few weeks). But, I noticed that my skinny jeans have a lot of room and I could definitely go down a size, but I’m too self-conscious about my butt to do so. But, working out is good.


  • I have stalkers. Not literally. But those stalkers who watch my life, read my stuff and never say a word and then watch me on Facebook too. Have you ever had that? LOL! It’s both exciting and scary. Exciting because people are actually taking the time to read my stuff but scary because you won’t admit it? Weird, but I’m good! (Must be all those extra endorphins from working out).


  • I’m putting together my naughty and nice list for Santa. Can you guess what I’ve been this year? LOL!



Have a great weekend!


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