Christmas Wish List

Can you believe that the holidays are around the corner? I remember this time last year praying that 2016 be better than 2015 and now we’re almost in 2017. Could it be better? Nope. I am truly blessed. I have so many blessings to be thankful for and I’m just looking forward to the holidays. I love Christmas.

Not for the gifts, but for the reason…Jesus is the reason for the season. I make sure to donate to multiple charities, give unwrapped gifts and participate in holiday sharing. Giving back is essential when you’ve been blessed. I’m setting up the tree, scheduling photos with Santa and planning photos in front of the National Christmas Tree with me, my man and my son. I’m really in the holiday spirit.

Since I am a difficult person to shop for and I don’t like surprises. I know, I know. Blame it on the Capricorn in me, I thought it would be great to give him a list of Christmas wishes. He could choose one, all or nothing and I would be just as happy. However, he’s a man and he may need a hint.

So, here’s my Christmas Wish List:

Amazon Echo Dot – $49.99


Harry Potter 8 Disc Set on Blu-ray – $54.96


Ugg Rain Boots – $64.95


Ashley Stewart Sweater – $49.50


Fitbit Alta (X-Large) – $84.96


Pajamas from Lane Bryant – $59.95





Jazz looked out the window and studied the moon. It was a full moon tonight. She loved full moons. They provided so much light. She loved gazing up at the dark sky just to see this big beautiful circle of love.


That’s what the moon represented to her.

It represented love.

It was perfect.



Why couldn’t people love like the moon? Bright and consistent. There was comfort in the moon. She needed to be comforted.

Many nights of loneliness plagued her. She longed for companionship after ending things with Jake. When would she have a chance at love?

She thought Jake was the one. The one man that made her realize that love was possible for her. She was a plus sized woman who never felt sexy.

Until she met Jake. He changed that. He changed her.

Her size wasn’t important. Her hips were something sexy he said often. Her thighs were magnificent he yelled whenever she complained about her chub rub. He said her stomach was gorgeous as he kissed her naked body with the moon serving as their only light when making love.


Jake had her believe that anything was possible. He helped her discover her own identity. She would always be thankful for that.

Nothing else though. He destroyed those memories when she caught him with skinny ass Melanie. That tooth picked thin woman that sashayed after him.

He lied though. Don’t most people when they are caught?

When he couldn’t convince her of his lies he actually played the victim. Can you believe it? He was such a loser.

She laughed.

Jake didn’t realize that he awoke a fire in her belly when they were together. The fire was real and strong. It consumed her. She became a warrior.

A warrior woman. Strong. Unstoppable.

Which is why she knew it was time to kick his lying ass to the curb. She grabbed her jacket and threw on those skin tight boyfriend jeggings and a crop top. She glossed her lips and sprayed her perfume. She looked in the mirror and realized that she looked good.

She didn’t need a Jake. She needed freedom. She needed to chase the moon. She sighed and packed up her things. Time to head out. She was going to drive with the moonlight leading her way and Nina Simone singing I Don’t Want Him Anymore.

No looking back now.








This post is part of the Daily Prompt. The word today was moon.

Baby Got Tanned

Hey loves!

I just returned from a wonderful weekend in Miami and I got tanned. I’m browner than normal, but loving this sexy colored skin that I put SPF50 on. LOL! I don’t want skin cancer. But, they are always telling me that my Vitamin D is too low. So, here’s to getting that sun on this chocolate skin, thighs and back.

Enjoy the pictures:

Revelation – #Writespiration 86

Hey Loves!

In response to Sascha’ Black’s It’s All In the Title – #Writespiration 86 post, I thought it would be fun to participate in this challenge. The challenge was to choose a title from the list and create a story in less than 200 words. Whew! This was difficult. I have written 197. Ya’ll know I’m long winded right? I did it.  So, let me know what you think.


She stood looking at herself in the floor length mirror. Strange. She never thought herself pretty. Just different. Motherhood had changed her body and she didn’t feel the same.  She had become different after the last baby. Rounder and wider. The thick thighs that rubbed together when she walked showed cellulite. Her stomach was oddly shaped from the pregnancy weight gain and the fat pre-baby.

She slowly lifted her arms above her head and began to flap them like a bird. “Yeah” she sighed. “I have wings of fat” she muttered. She stared at her breasts that hung to her stomach. They were no longer perky. Time had changed her body. She murmured “I’m 45. This is what happens right?” She turned away in disappointment.

David walked in the room. “Hey beautiful” he whispered as he wrapped his arms around her. “Babe, do you know after 15 years of marriage and four beautiful children I still find you irresistible?”

She smiled. “You do?”

“Yes” he said as he slowly kissed her neck. “You’re the epitome of beauty. My soul settles in your spirit each day I open my eyes and see you. You amaze me my love.”

If you want to participate in the challenge you have until April 17th to do so. So, get to writing folks!


Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 1

Thank you to Lisa Amaya,  Life of an El Paso Woman, for nominating me for the 3 Day Quote Challenge. I love reading quotes because I look for inspiration in everything. Quotes encourage my spirit and let me know that I can run on.

Here is my quote for today:



Each day I will nominate three different bloggers to participate in the challenge. I nominate the following three for today:

A Perfectly Flawed Ruby


Riddle from the Middle

Three Things I Want You to Know – 11/14

Yesterday, I sent HIM an email entitled “Three Things I Want You to Know”. He replied that I always make him smile and that I’m funny.  LOL! Well, it got me to thinking that I wanted to share with you three things each Saturday that I wanted you to know. It could be anything about my life, week or current events. I just wanted you to know in case I missed talking about it or I forgot. Which tends to happen because I’m superwoman and I can’t possibly manage to remember 5 billion things. But, I try.

So, here’s the three things that I want you to know:

  • He and I are working out together and can I tell you that I actually enjoy it? I have room in my skinny jeans, increased endurance and an overall happier mentality. Our workouts are so great because I have a partner who wants to work out and doesn’t chastise me if I want a slice of pizza. LOL! (Which I haven’t had a few weeks). But, I noticed that my skinny jeans have a lot of room and I could definitely go down a size, but I’m too self-conscious about my butt to do so. But, working out is good.


  • I have stalkers. Not literally. But those stalkers who watch my life, read my stuff and never say a word and then watch me on Facebook too. Have you ever had that? LOL! It’s both exciting and scary. Exciting because people are actually taking the time to read my stuff but scary because you won’t admit it? Weird, but I’m good! (Must be all those extra endorphins from working out).


  • I’m putting together my naughty and nice list for Santa. Can you guess what I’ve been this year? LOL!



Have a great weekend!

Who Knew

That I would like to work out with him. That I would enjoy working out with a man trying to live just a little bit healthier like me. What are your fitness goals? Are you trying to lose a lot of weight? Nope. Just trying to be healthier. I don’t want to be on medications.

I changed into my workout clothes and switched my hips when I walked in front of him, so he could get a good look at my bum! Yep, I was flirting. But, I was serious about the workout. I was sweating with my make-up running, but I was still looking cute. My hairstyle was holding up. I listened to Fetty Wap Radio on Pandora while we worked out. He listened to love songs. He smiled. I smiled. He has a nice smile.

He is an introvert. He is a parent of one. Has had similar experiences. He’s smart. He’s funny. He gets my satirical sense of humor. He likes my witty personality. He likes my desire to be a happier and healthier version of me. Who knew working out could be a fun date? Maybe we should do this again?


Photo Credit: Black Hair Magazine
Photo Credit: Black Hair Magazine