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On the 8th Day of Christmas

What I received this year…

Time – Time is the most valuable thing we have. This year I received the true understanding of the value of time. When I dated I began to realize that the men that I was dating would start off giving me time and then that would gradually fall off as we progressed in our getting to know each other stage. Their time was not given to me. As someone who appreciated time, this was in direct conflict with who I am and what I believe in so I moved on. Because what I know is that people make time for what they want. For example, the guy I’m dating now worked 124 hours in the last two weeks and still managed to give me time. Time: to date me, to work out with me, to hang out with me and to talk or email me throughout the day. I never felt shorted. For that I am thankful.

I also understood that our time here may be limited and it is incumbent on us to make sure that we value the people and relationships in our lives. Easier said than done huh? Nope, not at all. I thought I would have time with my estranged father to “fix us” but time is not on our side with him having cancer. So, I’m investing the time. I’m thankful for the time. I’m spending time. I’m cognizant of the time we do have and enthusiastically creating that father/daughter relationship. Each moment spent is an investment in our relationship and I’m thankful for all the time we have.

Time is more valuable than money and this lesson learned was an important gift that I wanted to share.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this picture. I did a Google search to find it.



  1. Christmas is difficult for me, so I’ve been avoiding most posts that have anything at all to do with it.

    I tell you that, because I want you to know how Truly Special your introspective Days of Christmas posts are. Your words are a balm and such important reminders of what our true gifts are and should be. Your grace and peace shine through your words.

    Thank you, Tikeetha. Thank you for making the Christmas Season brighter.

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