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On the 7th Day of Christmas

What I received this year…

Laughter – I learned how important laughter is to the soul. I’ve never laughed so much as I’ve done in the last year. God, must have known that I needed folks with a sense of humor to surround me or I would die. LOL! He has brought so many people in my life that make me laugh all the time. They can turn any situation into a humorous one. I appreciate the gift of situational comedy to make me laugh. Because sometimes all you can do is laugh to keep from crying. But, I’m so thankful for laughter and my munch who makes me laugh each and every day just by the things he says.

Yesterday he told me somberly that his cousins are probably werewolves and he doesn’t know if he should spend time with them because they would probably bite him? Why would they do that much? Because they can’t help themselves. Uh huh.

Or his Christmas list. It only had five things on it. He asked for the following items:

  • Sonic and Tails action figures
  • A stuffed kangaroo
  • A stuffed cheetah
  • A blue jet
  • A juicy red apple

Seriously? A juicy red apple? Only my munch. Thanks God for the receipt of laughter.



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