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Random: Munch Eats Too Much

So, the kid that I gave birth to must be experiencing a growth spurt. He’s eating me out of house and home lately and I’m starting to wonder does he have a tapeworm. Where is he packing all these calories? Just this morning, I fixed him his normal breakfast of waffles, bacon and a bowl of fruit only to be told that he is still hungry. WTH? He asked could he buy some cereal at school for breakfast since we were walking out the door. Really?

I said, “Munch, we don’t qualify for free or reduced lunch and it is expensive to purchase food at school.” With his beautiful brown eyes he said, “Mommy, I have money in my piggy bank. I can pay for my food.” I paused and said, “No baby it is mommy’s responsibility to make sure that you eat. I will add money to your school account.”

I did. I’m confused. He is constantly telling me that he is hungry and asking me for more food during dinner (only vegetables though). Ugh! I need a part-time job to support his food issues.

will work for food


Dometicated Momster


Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to this photo. I performed a simple Goggle search and found it.


  1. I wonder if my mom thought the same thing with her kids, including me. She still tells me she had no clue where I was putting all this food and I would say it goes out my butt. (Is that tmi? ah well…already said it. lol)

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  2. Cute name for your post, first. 🙂 Second, can you imagine when he’s a growing teen and his food is going to be hella expensive because he’ll be eating three times that?! And his buddies will be, too! Lol! You might just need that extra job then! 😉

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  3. Not sure how old your son is but my son is about to turn 18 next month (**tears** I’m literally holding them back as I type this) and he went through those spurts. I know it’s not the best, but I would load him up on pasta and rice! My son is the carb king! Then they go through tired spurts, too! He has slowed down for now, but yes, it gets expensive for a while! Especially when they have friends over! Sometimes (as a single mom) it gets expensive. Although I did have the one kid who said, “How come you always have rice and beans in your fridge?” I told him, “because it’s cheap and feeds lots of teenage boys” lol

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  4. Waffles and bacon for breakfast? I’m coming over tomorrow morning! I have the opposite problem with my three year old; she prefers air and fruit snacks to actual food but her breakfast options here are usually yogurt and cold cereal. I’ll have to give the breakfast bacon a try! Found you on the #momsterslink

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    1. Thanks for the comment. Yep, last year he decided he only wanted me to fix him breakfast and a hot breakfast was important to me before I sent him out to school. Don’t fret about air and fruit snacks. They usually grow out of it.


  5. Sometimes my kids are hungry because they are going through a growth spurt and other times it’s because they just need something to focus their attention on. I don’t allow mine any more than breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and then dinner. Nothing after dinner unless it’s a weekend and we are watching a movie and they can have some popcorn. But I find that when they are busy and totally engrossed in something like an art project or a new game on their tablets…snack time comes and goes and I don’t hear a peep. Every kid is different though. Thanks for sharing this with #momsterslink 💌Trista, Domesticated Momster

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  6. Probably small comfort but I miss those days of my boys eating everything in sight. It was frustrating at times but a joy to watch them grow up. After they left home, it was so hard to scale back the food purchase/preparation. They are still big eaters but in their own homes now.

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      1. In the parenting book I wrote a few years back I suggested something in the kitchen even for little hands. He can do things like tear lettuce for salads, mix eggs for scrambles and baked goods, mash potatoes, make his own sandwiches with spreads, things like that. It’s a good way to encourage him to learn independence and to eat new and maybe good food choices although based on your blog, it seems he already eats plenty!

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