Day 1: Seven Days of Thankfulness

I decided that I would do 7 days of thankfulness leading up to Thanksgiving next week to appreciate all that I’ve been through and survived in the last year. I am different. Stronger. Happier.

It’s a journey. Some good and some bad, but it could be worse. I am thankful for all that have and have witnessed. I want us to see the good in just living and to be thankful for that. So, won’t you join me? Won’t you write for 7 days things that you are thankful for?

Let’s start:

I’m thankful for motherhood. You may not know my story, but I will keep it brief…Difficult conception. Two rounds of IVF. Sickness and bed rest. But, I prayed. God heard. Munch was born. I am his mother. I am thankful for him. Thankful that he continues to thrive through difficult times. I found out that he made honor roll this week and his ceremony is in a couple of weeks. Even with all that transition at his school, he is putting forth his best effort.

My Munch continues to inspire me each day. To be better. To do more. To give more.

Motherhood. I’m thankful for motherhood because that brought me Munch. There is no greater joy than hearing him say “Mommy, I love you and you’re the best mommy in the world.”


A Mother’s Love

This love is the most beautiful and powerful love that I have experienced. Nothing prepared me for this kind of love. I was in awe. From the moment I knew he was growing in my womb, to seeing the first sonogram or hearing him cry for the first time, this love embraced me.

A mother’s love is strong. I love him just for existing. I am his. He is mine. I don’t pretend to have it all together. Heck, half the time I’m winging it. But, it is in his smile, his words of affirmation or his laugh that I know that I am truly loved.

This bond that was created gave me a love that produced purpose. I am because he exists. I do because he needs. I am a mother. Nothing more. Nothing less. Bad days? Yes, I have them. Sleepless nights? Been there too. Medical emergencies? I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

But, my munch consistently tells me that he loves me and that he’s happy I’m his mommy. I didn’t know this love would consume me. Bond me to someone who would forever challenge and inspire me. But, it has. It does. I will always love being a mother.

Random: Munch Eats Too Much

So, the kid that I gave birth to must be experiencing a growth spurt. He’s eating me out of house and home lately and I’m starting to wonder does he have a tapeworm. Where is he packing all these calories? Just this morning, I fixed him his normal breakfast of waffles, bacon and a bowl of fruit only to be told that he is still hungry. WTH? He asked could he buy some cereal at school for breakfast since we were walking out the door. Really?

I said, “Munch, we don’t qualify for free or reduced lunch and it is expensive to purchase food at school.” With his beautiful brown eyes he said, “Mommy, I have money in my piggy bank. I can pay for my food.” I paused and said, “No baby it is mommy’s responsibility to make sure that you eat. I will add money to your school account.”

I did. I’m confused. He is constantly telling me that he is hungry and asking me for more food during dinner (only vegetables though). Ugh! I need a part-time job to support his food issues.

will work for food


Dometicated Momster


Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to this photo. I performed a simple Goggle search and found it.