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First Impressions: Munch and Therapy

So, last night we met with the therapist to talk about the crying that Munch has been doing. Let me clarify…it’s excessive. He cries anytime something upsets him. Daily. Multiple times a day sometimes. I’m frustrated. I’m exhausted. I’m worried.

I researched this therapist through my mental health benefit. Unlimited visits and a $10.00 co-pay. I have great health insurance. This is what I do for a living. Analyze health plans. I wanted a male. I wanted a black man if I could find one. Someone who looked like my Munch but could help him find the tools he needed to express his emotions differently.

Traffic was horrible. I left work almost two hours early to make sure to allow enough time for the appointment. It happened to be the nicest day we’ve had all year so there were multiple accidents. I was stressed. I arrived to pick up Munch after sitting in traffic for over an hour. He got in the car and kissed me.

“How was your day Munch?” I asked. He said, “It was good. I had a good day at school and I got a pizza certificate because I read a lot of books. Can we get pizza for dinner? I want pepperoni on my pizza” he stated. “Not today baby. We have the therapy appointment remember? I will get you dinner afterwards before we head home.”

“Okay” he mumbled. Traffic was excruciating. I was ready to give up. However, I knew that Munch needed to be seen and I was going to suck it up and fight the traffic.

We arrived at the appointment with 10 minutes to spare. Beautiful location. Small, but beautiful waiting room. Flat screen and hi-tech video camera recording the waiting room. Two offices. Both doors closed. We sat and waited.

The nice man comes out with a big smile and introduces himself. Shakes my hand. Strong but firm. Not overbearing. He introduces himself to Munch. Munch interrupts and says in a serious yet sad tone “My name is Munch. Mommy says that you’re going to help me. That we’re here to talk and find out why my tears are too big for my eyes and I can’t stop crying.”

He laughed and smiled “Yes, I’m here to help” he told Munch. He looked at me and said, “He’s too cute. I’m about to cry and we haven’t even talked yet. Please come in”.

Big office window. Minimal furniture. Brown love seat with a desk sitting across. A computer in front of him with a side table and two chairs to the right side of the room. The sun shined brightly through the windows and Munch and I sat on the love seat.


  1. I am glad that you are doing this for your son. He sounds adorable! I wish my sister would take my nephew to talk to someone. I remember my first therapy session I basically just cried the whole time.

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    1. Thank you. Yep, I think parents just have to do what is best for their children. We as adults don’t have all the answers or tools and I admit that I need help. He didn’t cry which I was surprised about, but I was there with him so we will see.

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  2. Glad you found what you were looking for in heling your son. My son starts next week with a therapist to learn to deal with some emotional issues. Where was this when we were kids?

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  3. After Zoe’s mom died, I absolutely insisted Sam find her a therapist. someone to help deal with the emotions. The first “doctor” basically spent a year telling us and Zoe that it was ok for her to lie and yell and call us names and argue and basically ignore the rules and disrespect us because her mom died. Uh, wrong. We got her a new doc.
    I say that to say this, it is ok if this doc isn’t a good fit, or isn’t making progress. Just because he “looks good on paper” doesn’t always mean he’s the right one.
    But I am sure you know all of that already. And good luck! You’re a good mom, a great mom actually.

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    1. Wow! Thank you for sharing. Yeah, I will sit with Munch until he tells me he’s okay. I will then sit back and observe. I would have lost my mind had that therapist told my child that. Some people shouldn’t even be licensed.

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  4. My son kinda went through the same thing. He was depressed because his father isn’t really in his life. We did therapy for awhile but I didn’t continue with it. He doesn’t really talk much unless I was there so I felt it wasn’t really helping him. He was uncomfortable with a couple of different counselors. He seems to be doing a lot better now that we’re staying with my family. I’m getting my own place so I don’t know how he’ll take it. My new place is only about 10 minutes away from my family so I think he’ll be alright. I hope the therapy helps your son out.

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    1. Thank you. I’m moving home with my mom at the end of April and I’m wondering how my son will take it. I’m trying to save and buy a house and the change will be temporary, but having the help and support will help in my custody case. But, I don’t know. I’ll keep you posted.

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  5. I feel you on buying a house, I’m working on that too. I want my credit to be a little bit higher so I can get first time home owner assistance. I think he will be fine, especially if he’s close to your mom. Having a good support system has helped me and my son so much.

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  6. OMG! Where have you, Munch and your blog been all my life! Lolz, eh. . . aside from waiting to be read in My Favs. I swear I knew I would love your blog as soon as I saw your banner!!! This reads so much like a story, urgh! I’m such a geek, but those last lines had me doing my “part two” dance [mmm just made that dance up, but aye! it’s a keeper]. ♥ Jahla Queen Momma!

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    1. Thank you so much for the compliment. I’m just trying to let the readers know what happened. My observations. How my baby reacted. Things I learned. He’s 7 and it’s kinda scary to think my baby needs therapy, but I want a professional to help me than me ignoring his cry for help.

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      1. Not having a little one yet, I can only imagine the worries you have. Nevertheless, from this tiny glance into your life I’m sure you’re worries need be minor! The simple fact that you didn’t did your research to find someone you as Mommy found credible and worthy enough of helping you help Munch says to me he will be fine. You clearly have his best interest at heart, so I don’t believe you can go wrong. ☺♥

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