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Mamma’s Overloaded

Hey Loves,

It’s been a bear of a week for me. I’m sorry for not writing, but last week was crazy busy because for the first time in a long time I felt as though I got absolutely nothing done. I felt like a hamster just spinning on the wheel. It was exhausting…mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. My friend said, “You sound like you’re exhausted” when we were on the phone last night. “I am” I replied.

Why? Because so much has been going on. Here’s a snippet of my life:

  • My co-worker resigned last month and a lot of work was transferred to me and the other team member. No big deal right? Wrong. We are a very paper oriented organization. Where are the tree huggers when you need them? We utilize paper enrollment to make changes to your benefits, enroll in your benefits, change your retirement, etc. One person enters them and the other person has to review and validate the entry. Yep, it really is 2016 and we’re still 10 years behind.
  • I spend many of my days in meetings or trying to figure out this “new system” which seems to have unexplained quirks that cause me stress. I try not to eat lunch at my desk, but get up and eat with my co-workers because I need that lunch time laughter to rejuvenate my mood.
  • Munch has been crying more than when he was a baby. He cries over everything. Any and everything that upsets him will bring about severe onslaught of tears. I’m so frustrated. It is exhausting. I said to him “Munch, every emotion doesn’t require tears. You can be sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed, etc but you don’t have to cry. Why are you always crying?” He responded, “I can’t help it mommy. My tears are too big for my eyes.” Um, yeah. He really said that. I reached out to his pediatrician for help and she recommended therapy. She said that it sounds like he has a little depression. Don’t know what a little depression means, but she recommended that I find a therapist specializing with children because depression usually starts showing in children Munch’s age and parents often overlook it. I found a therapist and he has an appointment this evening.
  • On top of having to add therapy to my ever growing to do list, Munch started swim lessons again on Saturday mornings. Early Saturday morning practices and then off to church school and choir practice because the Easter program is on Sunday, March 20th. Saturday was packed and included a birthday party for my nephew who turned 2 last Friday.

As you can see I’ve been overloaded. Not to mention that Munch starts spring soccer and my schedule went from busy to overloaded. I kept thinking…Tae Kwan Do, swimming, soccer, tutoring and therapy. Something has got to give. However, Munch is not hearing it. Added practices for the Easter program and the upcoming Spring break and I can’t wait for March to be over. I still haven’t made the therapy appointments for my own right arm because until my son is okay I can’t even begin to schedule something. I’ll miss work. I’ll get behind. I’ll forget stuff. I’ll be overloaded again, but nothing else matters until my boy is good. I’ll deal with the rest. I mean isn’t that what single parents do anyway?


  1. Whoah, that’s a lot of activities! I learned the hard way not to overschedule but up until then, it was going well…doing all that was way harder on me than my kids. I certainly believe in all therapy or at least…attempted therapy for issues (i say attempted because I’ve not been too successful finding help when my kids or I needed it), but to me it sounds pretty typical. The whole year my daughter was 5 she cried about ev….ree….thing. There were times things weren’t going her way and she would literally throw herself at the bottom of the stairs and just wail. Everything brought it on. Any loss of control, any words, any actions, any anything. I started to have the same worries that she just wasnt “happy”. I hung in there and a year later she’s managed to cope with the big feelings a lot better. There’s still tons of issues but I have less worry now that she is depressed or….gonna be a sociopath when she grows up. (cuzzi did think that)

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    1. Thanks for responding. Yeah, he did that at 5 and then stopped. The last 6 months he started up again and it is worse than when he was a baby. He’s doing it in school, Tae Kwan Do, socially, etc. He does it any and everywhere. He’s almost 8 and I realized that I needed help. I’m hoping this guy will help him get the tools, strategies to manage his emotions. It didn’t help that my mother said “You have to make him stop crying because he could get bulled.” Really? Wow! Don’t state the obvious. More important than that, I want to find out what is going on with my baby boy.


      1. Aww…well that’s a different generation talking too. Hopefully he can learn some stress relievers or outlets to get the oogies out another way. May just be how he is too…time fixes most but the road there can be a struggle.

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    1. LOL. Thank you so much for responding. I did it all when I was married so I guess my framework is different, but thank you so much for letting me know there are a lot of shared households with shared responsibilities. Hopefully, in my next marriage.

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  2. Shame, that is a tough one. I wonder what is going on with your little Munch. I am glad you have sought therapy, hopefully you will be able to get to the bottom of it, or at least have Munch deal with whatever he is dealing with. You have a lot going on. It cannot be easy ! Sending some coping vibes your way. πŸ™‚

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  3. Dude! I was getting stressed out just reading this! Your post just proves my point: we need personal assistants to help with errands, carpool, etc….It’s soul sucking. Though sad, that is adorable when he said the tears are too big for his eyes. Bless his little heart. How old is Munch? I ask b/c I have slacked as a parent and not put my 7 yr old (C) in swimming lessons. Oh and he doesn’t know how to ride his bike. Tonight we are hitting bike practice no matter his protests!

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  4. Aaaaaargh red tape nightmare. I’m a tree hugger! what is with all the name changes? DLA to PIP etc .. I have MH issues. I hope the doctors don’t just write a prescription for pills. If your little Munch is depressed maybe things need to be worded to him in a different way. I know I do that with my little girl. I try out different words. Sometimes it is all in the tone of how things sound. I know I sometimes use big words but if the tone is right she becomes familiar to it and she finds some kind of security in that. If that makes sense. I also found emotion books help her to express herself. Here is a link to a few http://www.babble.com/toddler/10-toddler-books-about-feelings/ – I don’t know how old you Munch is but emotion books may help
    Hope everything works out πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much. He’s almost 8. I will definitely try reading some books. I just want him to be okay. Yep, his pediatrician was against medication at this age and wanted me to find someone who may specialize in play therapy.


  5. Be strong, this too shall pass and March will be soon long gone. All the best wishes to you and Munch and hope everything will be alright. Play therapy might be quite good for him.

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  6. Don’t forget sometimes we need to put the oxygen mask on ourselves before we save everyone else! πŸ™‚ Take care of you too!! Therapy never hurts either. We went for awhile when my son was younger.

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  7. WOW! You’re an amazing mother!! That is a lot! I totally understand the paper issue at work too cause we are 10 years behind with that here LOL when you asked “Where are the tree huggers?” I also loved Much’s reply about his eyes being so big that is why so mamny tears, Gos bless him! Maybe he is going through “growing pains” which can have kids feeling all sorts of uncomfortable at times, still I pray all is well and that you get some much needed YOU time and time to balance you amazing mom you! πŸ˜‰

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  8. No need to apologize girl! I don’t have half of your load and I’m behind on certain aspects with blogging and life responsibilities. Just do what you can and take care of you and your Munch! That’s most important. I do pray your your job upgrades their entire system to something that make sense. (I know that is asking a lot for a company… Believe me, I understand. My job is about 10 years behind on quite a few technological things also). I also pray Munch will be able to heal from whatever is going on that is making him cry all the time. It’s great you took matters seriously and quickly! And I may have said this in a previous post but I pray you get a chance to take a serious vacation too. Everyone deserves a break especially parents & single mothers/fathers.

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