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Party Planning for 8

Some bright news dear friends…I’ve secured Munch’s requested swim party. Thankfully, I found the only location that hadn’t been booked through our Parks and Recreation in my county. I found out last Saturday that they had an opening on his birthday and was ecstatic. I told Munch and asked him was the location okay for his party. He said yes. So, we are having a swimming party for his 8th birthday. A Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Party because this boy loves Sonic.


Unfortunately, the location doesn’t hold that many. Adults and children are included in that count so it will be a tight squeeze. However, I have secured the photographer, the custom cake has been ordered, invitations ordered and I’m still working on decorations. I am excited. I decided to order rotisserie chicken, salad, rice and bread for the party. I didn’t want pizza. Everything has to be store brought except the cake. I’m going to buy boxes of Capri Sun, bottled water and sodas for the adult. Still working out the other details.

Here are some ideas that I’m playing with for the 8th Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday bash:



sonic invitations




Even though this is another task in my quite busy life, I am overjoyed and excited about my Munch’s 8th birthday party. I know that he will have a ball and you know what? He needs some joy. He needs some laughter. He needs some people loving on him for his birthday. So, I will happily plan this party (with the help of my BFF) and not complain (too much).


Disclaimer:  I own no rights to the included photos. I did a Google search to find them.


  1. Get it, Mama! That is AWESOME planning! You’ll be sharing the photos with us, right? I hope so!

    Man… gonna have to step up the birthday game now, seeing all this hard work you’re doing! We were gonna do some small backyard BBQ for Minor, but now THIS! Gonna have to do somethin’ more…

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    1. Aww, thank you. I just hope he likes it. I feel like he really deserves this. He deserves to have all his friends and family crowded around telling them that they love and appreciate him.


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