2016 birthday celebrating children relationships

Munch Turns 8

Happy Birthday to My Little Prince!


My Dearest Munch:

As we are celebrating your 8th birthday today I just wanted to write you a note to tell you how extremely proud of you I am. I’m proud of the little boy that you’re becoming. You’re smart, creative and easy going. For that I am thankful.

I’ve always referred to you as my anointed gift and each day you continue to remind me how God has blessed me with being your mother. From your infectious laugh, your angry pout and your determined spirit you continue to challenge me to be better. I am and I will. 

I pray that you know that no matter what I love you. I may be stern some days and frustrated at you but know that it is because I know that you can do better. I want you to be better, but above all I want you to try. That’s it. Just Try.

Life isn’t fair. You’ve endured your share of heartaches and disappointments, but I promise you that our God is the same always. He never changes. So with that in mind there are 8 things that I want to share with you on your 8th birthday:

  1. Try your best. I know I keep saying this but it is so true love. Your best is good enough for me when I know you’ve tried. You have to try knowing that sometimes you will fail and that’s okay as long as you’ve tried your best.
  2. Be not afraid. Don’t be afraid to speak up when people are doing things to you that you know are not right. Speak up and use your words and voice as a way to correct or call attention to the situation. I don’t want you to ever be afraid of telling someone when you feel that something is wrong. Be not afraid love.
  3. Grades matter, but your ability to comprehend the work matters more. I don’t care if you get a C in math if I know that you tried your best and in the end you struggled but you finally understood something. This is an important lesson Munch. Your grades tell one part of the story, but you need to understand the work first and foremost. 
  4. You don’t need a lot of friends. I see you get discouraged when kids don’t want to play with you or they don’t want to be your friend. It’s okay. You have to know that not everyone will like you. Some will even resent you. That is their issue and not yours. Don’t worry about it. Keep being polite and just focus on the people who want to play with you. 
  5. Don’t stop dreaming. Dreams are an integral part of life. You must have dreams Munch. Dreams matter. Your dreams matter. Never stop dreaming.
  6. Give it to God. I know that last year caught you by surprise when Bailey (your dog) died. You didn’t understand. Your tears and wails about why won’t God raise Bailey from the dead like he did Jesus broke my heart. But, God hears all and sees all baby. He knows your pain and in time that pain was lessened. Keep giving it to God.
  7. It’s okay to be different. I know that you feel like an outsider sometimes, but it is okay to be different. Each one of us was uniquely created and what makes us different is our differences. Respect those differences and embrace them.
  8. Mind your manners. I know that we keep working on this, but I think it is important that you say  “yes sir”, “no ma’m”. I want you to continue give respect daily. 

My sweet boy, I want you to know that 8 is going to be different. We live in a different home. You’ll be spending more time with me than with your dad, but you need to know that you are loved tremendously by both of us. Your school will change. You will make new friends. You will be okay and you are more than enough.




      1. What a treasure he will have when he grows up.
        I used to write funny things my children did and said in a book.
        I gave it to my middle daughter. (I regret it now, but hopefully, she won’t throw it away.)

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      2. I hope so. He’s 8 and fickle but I want him to know that if I was never around that I loved him more than he could ever imagined. A mother’s love is never ending and I want him to just remember that.


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  2. He has such a wonderful MOM! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUNCH!!! It’s funny how blogging can make you feel as if you really know a person and his or her fam. Hope everything turned out exactly as you and he wanted it.

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  3. Hi Tikeetha:

    I saw this the other day but I only had time to “like” it. However, I did want to say something to Munch:

    Happy belated birthday Munch! I hope that your special day was just as perfect as you are! You’re such a beautiful blessing to your mother— just as she is to you.

    Best wishes dear one!

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      1. LOL, he enjoyed eating high on the hog; something that he does not normally get to do as a student!

        You know how it was in college when we had to watch every penny!

        Thanks for the birthday wishes, I’ll pass them on to him.

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      2. Yes, Lord. Struggling to make that meal plan last and nope we couldn’t afford to go out to a fancy restaurant like TGIFriday’s. LOL. Times have truly changed. Thank God for growing up and getting real jobs.

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