2016 advice

Happy May 2016

Just wanted to say that you’ve been missed as I’m trying to unpack and organize my life. I’ve hoped you enjoyed the posts. Some were fiction. Some were real. Some were raw. I’ll be back next week to update you on Munch’s birthday party.

Happy May! It’s a new month. We’re five months into the new year. Almost at the half-way point. If you still have goals you want to achieve….Do it!

There’s nothing stopping you, but you and the time is now. New month. New focus. New perspectives. Happy Sunday and Happy May!



  1. Ack!! How did May get here!? I’m not ready! I’m NOT READY!!!!

    Loved the fiction. Got all grown-folk up in here and I was like, “yes! Get it. This is excellent.” I need to get brave and do that on my blog. You are always inspiring, friend!

    Can’t wait to hear about the birthday party. Happy Birthday to the wonderful, beautiful, amazing Munch!

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    1. LOL. Thanks girl! It’s been challenging, but I moved and his party was awesome. I’m hoping to have a post about this soon. I didn’t take any photos. The photographer did it all.


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