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Single Parents and the Bathroom Conundrum

So, Gary over at Skipah’s Realm responded to my post entitled My 2 Cents: Transgender Restroom Issue and said that it would never work because it makes sense and we know in this country we’re not lead to have common sense. But, he raised an interesting point and said I should write about the issue parents have when taking their children to the restroom and they are a different gender.

Gary has a daughter and I have a son. They’re about the same age. I told you my issues when it comes to taking my son to the restroom, but don’t men have the same issues? I’m pretty sure they do.

My girlfriend and I were talking on Monday evening about how her husband lets women take his daughter to the bathroom and she finds that disturbing because women molest children too. However, he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. He would prefer not to take her to the men’s room.

I totally understood. Men don’t think their may be perverted women lurking in bathrooms trying touch on their little girls because they aren’t as skeptical of everyone like women are. But, pedophilia knows no specific type. Men and women molest children.  But, what options do you have if there is no family restroom available and you need to take your child to the bathroom?

Option #1: Ask a Stranger


I would never ask another man to take my son to the restroom. Why? Because I don’t know you. I don’t trust people I don’t know with my kid. Plain and simple. Yep, it may seem extreme to some, but trust me you can never take back that feeling of failing your child if they should ever be sexually assaulted. Nor the memory of the abuse.

Let me tell you this, when my son takes swim classes the pool doesn’t have family showers. So, Munch will come with me to the family bathroom and dry off and I make him shower at home. There is no way in hell that I will let him shower by himself and the pool doesn’t want parents to allow their children age 5 or over to use the gender as the parent. That means that you could ask a stranger to watch your child shower or just say nope and we’ll do it when we get home.

Option #2:  Just Take Your Child With You

Umm, this works for me. Women don’t freak out when I want to take my tall 8 year old son in the bathroom with me. But, if you’re a man who has a daughter do you really feel comfortable with your daughter going into the men’s room with you? I mean the odor in the first place is enough to kill you. Oh, she could also see some swinging penises as you rush her to a stall. Neither options appeal to men I’m sure. So, what do you do if there is no family restroom? Suck it up and send her to the women’s room while you try to not look like a pedophile waiting on your princess to exit.

Option #3:  Advocate for More Family Restrooms/Showers

This is probably the only option that we have as parents that feels even remotely comfortable and reasonable. A man can take his daughter to the restroom without having to worry about what she is exposed to at an early age. I can take my son to the bathroom without him having to complain and say that I’m a boy I should use the men’s room.

I know that a lot of places can’t afford more family restrooms, but dang it we need it. I hate stalking the men’s room and dad’s have a right to take their toilet training daughter to the restroom without worrying about her exposure. We all want to pee in peace.



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  1. I have no kids yet, but I don’t believe I’d be able to give my child to a stranger to take to the bathroom. Uh-uh, maybe i’m way to skeptical but I honestly just can’t. I’d rather take them Myself regardless.

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  2. Give your child to a stranger? Are people insane? I would NEVER give my child to a stranger to take to the restroom. My grandson is 5. He goes into the womens’ restroom with me. (He knows he’s supposed to go into the mens’ but he also knows I’m not going to let him go in there alone.)
    I don’t remember this whole thing ever being an issue before. I had four children and they are now in their late thirties.
    What has happened?

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  3. Sorry it’s taken so long for me to respond, big thank you for the mention :). This is spot on! Thankfully, I was still married when my daughter was in the training stages of properly using the restroom so I didn’t have too many awkward moments. My first real struggle was at a Reds game and she was six and had to go and the family bathroom wasn’t an option. I took her to a remote area of the park and stood sentry while she did her business. No damn way I would take her to a mens room, it’s no place for a little lady!
    Completely agree on not asking a stranger, but I have in the past done a bathroom sweep for a single mom to see if the mens room was empty at a public mall so she could accompany her son to the bathroom and guarded the door for her.

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