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My 2 Cents: Transgender Restroom Issue

Hey Everyone,

So, I’m giving my two cents on the whole transgender bathroom issue…

Just create more dang family bathrooms.

That’s it. That’s all. That is my problem. I am not concerned what bathroom a transgender person uses. They should use whatever bathroom they feel comfortable using. I’m more concerned about pedophiles who lurk and hide in bathrooms trying to watch and/or molest children. Pedophiles are not transgender and I’m tired of people trying to compare the two. It’s just plain wrong.


I’m a mother to an 8 year old boy and he wants to use the men’s room all the time because he doesn’t understand why I make him go to the women’s room. Why do I do it? Because there could be a pervert trying to watch my little boy go to the bathroom or lurking to touch him when he’s out of my site. That’s what freaks me out.

Before I ever knew about the struggle of the LGBT community I was afraid for my son. Am I more afraid? Heck no. I just think businesses  should offer family restrooms so you can take your child to whichever bathroom you feel comfortable taking them to. Not to ostracize or make someone feel excluded. I prefer to use family restrooms when out with my 8 year old son.


Therefore, my argument is simple… Make more family restrooms. Family restrooms that everyone can use if they want to. That way I don’t have to keep my foot in the men’s room door to watch my son pee because I’m afraid that he will be molested.


Please stop letting our own personal issues take away from the basic rights of every person in this country. You should have the right to use whatever bathroom you wish. Let’s not let our own personal fears showcase our prejudice against the LGBT community. We’ve got to do better people.


  1. I imagine how it would be like if a transgender wearing a pink blazer, in high heels and skirt, lipstick, earrings and make-up entered a men’s room at the airport. So yeah, I agree with you.

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  2. Just as you said….if you think your child is too young to go into his/her respective bathroom….go with them.
    If they’re older and it’s a single stall, stand outside the door.
    If somebody is transgender….I don’t care how they pee…standing up or sitting down.
    This issue has turned into a scare tactic and to some, makes transgenders look evil.
    Pedophiles are and have always been around. There are “unisex” bathrooms everywhere. In our homes, do we have a sign on the door, specifying which “gender” may use it?
    I’m with you…..make public restrooms “family” oriented.

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    1. Yes. You’re exactly right. It’s become a scare tactic. This country is all about scaring people. The issue is not Transgender. It’s a basic right and we’re trying to scare people into thinking that transgenders are the pedophiles and that is not true. Pedophiles are sick individuals and have been around for years.

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  3. I agree about creating more bathrooms. I’ll also add that in Japan, they have bathrooms for EVERYONE. There’s a little boys’ bathroom, a little girls’ bathroom, a women’s bathroom, a men’s bathroom, a disabled bathroom…it’s not rocket science 😉

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  4. I still give my son a few minutes in the men’s room but I am always lurking nearby and we taught him to always use the stall because he is Autistic I worry even more.

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    1. See. We moms know that it’s pedophiles that we have to worry about. Not transgenders and we are truly trying to make it into an issue of our women and children won’t be safe. WTH? I’m safe. I don’t know what happens in a men’s room and I don’t want my son alone in one. There have been creepers from the beginning of time trying to take advantage of children.

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    1. Hopefully stores. I mean Ashton Kutcher complained that there are no changing tables in the men’s room when he needs to change his daughter. That’s why they need family rooms. That would solve a whole lotta issues. Ugh! This really frustrates me that people have money for other things but not the basic necessities of family restrooms. But, I will continue to stalk the men’s room or make my son go to the women’s restroom until I feel comfortable.


  5. Yes ma’am you are right! As you have alluded, people who identify as LGBTQ are no more likely to be pedophiles than straight folks. In fact, years ago, I read that they are less likely to be.

    Anyway, when my 22 year old son was the same age as Munch, he too wanted to go to the men’s restroom. I would allow him to go but I would stand outside the door and tell him to count the whole while he was inside. I told him that the minute that he stopped counting I was going to bum-rush the joint. And Sis you better know I would have. Don’t mess with mama’s baby!

    Anyway, your solution would have made that whole strategy a non-issue.
    As usual, we are on the exact same page! EXCELLENT post!

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      1. LOL! It worked for us! Trust me, if he had so much as hesitated I would have tore that freaking door down.
        I didn’t care who was in there!
        I can’t remember where I learned that trick but it was a good one.

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  6. Double T this would never work…….BECAUSE IT MAKES TOO MUCH FREAKING SENSE! The real post that needs to be drafted..by you..because I said so..#yourawesome is the struggle single parents have when in public with kids of a different gender. You/son, me/daughter, I was with my daughter at a Reds game two years ago right after her mom and I split and taking her to the bathroom was “hard” LOL.

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  7. You know, when this whole hullabaloo started, I said to myself, this problem will be resolved if only they create more family restrooms. I share the same sentiments with you about letting my young child go to the men’s room alone. There was a time my son was in the restroom for far too long, believe me when I said that I cracked open the door to the men’s room and in a very loud voice I called to him. So many guys gave me the eye as the walked past but girl, I was beyond caring what anyone thought at that point in time, all I needed was to be sure my son is okay. More family restrooms will solve this problem.

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  8. I, one hundred percent agree with you !!! Now how can we make it happen ? There are so many issues out there that need to be addressed !!!
    I would never allow my girls to go to the restrooms unattended. Some scary things have happened behind closed doors to rest rooms…

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    1. Thanks sis! Yes, we are a country that likes to hype people up for political purposes and then try to act like it’s not a scare tactic. Parents are worried about pedophiles and not people that identify as transgender.

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  9. Family restrooms solve the problem for many. Yes, I agree with you. I wish there were more family restrooms because even just one usually isn’t enough. Or gender neutral single stall style restrooms are good too when it’s a smaller establishment that has like 2-3 restrooms.

    But I think what the LGBTQ community wants to convey on a deeper level is acceptance that they are recognized as the gender they’ve chosen or feel they are. They don’t want to be ostracized from using the men’s room if not born a Man. I think, and I could be wrong, but I think this is why the family restroom argument is not a sufficient cure for their cause. Its like saying they’re a third kind of human being because they don’t fit neatly into either box. Which of course is incredibly complicated.

    It’s a tough issue and goes further than restrooms. I worry far too much about pedophiles, pervs and kidnappers… The family restroom solution is the only one I can think of that would give convenience to the most. I certainly don’t care for shared bathrooms when there are multiple toilets (like all women and men friendly, ally Mcbeal style) so I wish there was an easy solution to comfort all.


  10. It’s not about hating a group. It’s about continually dividing society further, creating more laws, causing more expense to schools, and confusing everyone. What’s the concerning group known as now? LBGTQI? Really? What’s next? ? What about the 0.001% of society who can read the thoughts of those next to them? Do we build Faraday cages in all the bathroom stalls? What about those sensitive to the color green? What about those sensitive to bathroom deodorizers? Where does this goofiness end?


  11. I wish more people could see that issue the way you do. We are all human and need to go at some point. Everyone should feel safe doing so regardless of sex, gender, race or anything else that could “divide” us.

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