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What’s Going On? Prayers for Orlando

“life is all about being like water…come what may you have to cross all hurdles and keep on flowing…Its all about moving towards a better tomorrow…” – Being Mommie

Aren’t the above words so encouraging? I think so. A fellow blogger over at Being Mommie left it this morning on another post. I thought it was befitting in light of the tragedy that occurred yesterday in Orlando at the nightclub Pure.

I awoke yesterday morning early for church. It was Children’s Day. My church was allowing the children to lead the service. To praise and give honor to God. Munch was singing and performing a poem with his church school class. We had to be at church early. I looked at my Ipad to check the weather and saw a New York Times notification about the shooting.

I paused. I couldn’t believe it. I opened up the notification and read the disturbing details that 49 people had been gunned down and 53 people were hospitalized. I said a prayer. I asked God to please heal this world. To watch over the family and friends of the victims and injured. To please allow justice to prevail for those that commit crimes against humanity.

I sighed. I was tired of hearing about the senseless violence that prevails our country. We seem to be getting worse. Whether you believe that gun control is the issue or not is of little relevance at this point. A gun was used to kill innocent people who went out for a night of partying. These night club patrons never expected a night of bullets to erupt.

But it did. It has.

These victims have friends and family that will mourn them as I do. I, who have no connection to the victims mourn for the mothers and fathers that lost their children on Children’s Day. That won’t get to spend any more birthdays or holidays loving their children. That won’t get to hear the simple words of “Hi Mom” or “Hi Dad” when they call their children.

No words can explain the pain of losing a child so I won’t try to. However, I need you to understand that this violence is ripping the fabric in our humanity and we need to do something. We are hurting yet again because bullets don’t know a man or woman’s color, religion or sexual orientation. Hate can’t win.

Love must win. In all situations. Love must prevail. It just has to. Because just like the quote above we have to move towards a better tomorrow.


  1. This truly is a tragedy, but a gun alone did NOT kill all of those people. An angry lunatic did. A gun did not waltz into that club and gun down 100 people…HE did. This man has been on the radar since 2013, when he proclaimed he was a member of ISIS and a devout Muslim and was going to shoot up another function….three years ago. Before this shooting, he called 911 and told them he was with ISIS and what he was going to do. If anyone knows anything about the Muslim religion…they believe homosexuality is punishable by death, and DO in fact kill people for being gay in other countries. This monster went in with a vendetta against the patrons in that club and did what he set out to do: hurt and kill as many as possible. But, had one of those patrons had a gun on them legally, who’s to say that he couldn’t have been stopped?

    Taking guns from law abiding citizens is wrong, and this is a prime example of why. He’d had a gun permit for years, yes, but had one of those people had a carry permit…who can honestly say it may not have saved their lives? There have been more shooting deaths from people who acquire weapons illegally in the past few years than any time in history, but there have also been more accounts of concealed-carry holders SAVING people with their own firearm. This was a TERRORIST attack, and whether our president decides to acknowledge it or not, it was a radical Islamic attack on US soil. over 100 citizens were injured in the worst shooting in the history of this country, yet all our Commander in Chief can talk about is “gun control”. I don’t normally comment on things, and I’m not angry with your post. I just firmly believe that taking protection away from my family is the wrong thing to do. My husband and myself are licensed to carry weapons. We have several in our own home, in safe boxes and a locked safe. If someone tried to come in my home, we could protect ourselves thanks to our right to bear arms.

    Heroin is illegal, yet people get their hands on it. Meth is illegal, yet people get their hands on it. Making guns illegal won’t solve the problem with psychos deciding to go find a firearm and kill people….it’s a heart thing.

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    1. My post wasn’t about gun control. Whether you want to keep guns or not isn’t my concern. That people (humanity) would even go to the point of killing people is the issue. Maybe more military control in our every day lives is the issue because we can’t seem to stop lunatics from killing people and no one wants to lay down their guns. The legally obtained guns that are used to shoot up schools, movie theaters or people attending church still goes to the fabric of humanity. We are not behaving like a country of well trained citizens. Florida allows you to carry concealed weapons. Clubs probably don’t want them because they don’t want to incite violence and get shut down. This lone lunatic is responsible for this terrorist attack. No doubt. I am more concerned about the parents that lost their children yesterday.

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  2. You’re absolutely right. The past few years it’s like people have forgotten how to even be HUMAN….going around killing people because they don’t agree with their lifestyle or religion, or just because they’re so angry with the world they feel others should feel their pain. Our society as a whole acts like a teenager throwing a temper tantrum, and the only way to “solve” the issue is to break things and cause harm. Now, because of this man, 50 people’s families are planning funerals for their family members. 50 more are thanking the good Lord above their family member made it out alive, even though they were injured. People have no respect for others in general, let along respect for LIFE. someone’s life is not something you can just take away because you’re having a bad day….but it seems like more and more people feel entitled to do whatever they want to whoever they want….and that’s not how the world works.

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    1. Absolutely. It scares me that this world is the one that my son will inherit and how we are making it worse for each other. We have to find a better way. I don’t know what the answer is, I just truly want the violence to stop. Your words that “50 people’s families are planning funerals for their family members” broke my heart. 50 caskets. 50 lives. None of it was worth it.


  3. All four of my children live in Orlando. My two oldest and their husbands are firefighter/medics. I have an idea that even if they weren’t on scene, they were in line to give blood and offer help in any way they could. I never wanted them to have to see hatred like this….none of us want our children to see that…but it is rampant. I will never understand why a member of the public would need an assault rifle…and even more important….why is it never questioned when somebody buys one? It doesn’t make sense to me but neither does targeting a certain race, religion or sexual orientation. I wonder how those radicals would feel if suddenly they were attacked based solely on their beliefs?

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    1. I know right? We have to do better as a society. I’m not about taking away people’s rights to bear arms, but does someone with no bonafide purpose who is on the do not fly list need an assault rifle?


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