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The Bike Riding Chronicles

So, a couple of weeks ago I began teaching my son how to ride his bike. Yes, I’m late. No, I don’t have an excuse. Yes, I actually do have an excuse…he didn’t understand how to peddle. LOL!

Not a good excuse huh?

Well, I actually bought him another bike in May because he was too tall for the other bike. I got an 18 inch bike with training wheels. It’s the tallest bike that they had a Toys R’Us that has training wheels. But, he was excited.

We bought the helmet, but I passed on the arm and shin guards thinking that a little scrape never hurt no body. Okay, not true. I was being cheap. My munch was so happy to get a new bike and helmet he didn’t care. He just wanted to ride.

We finally took the bike out and began practicing and it was a hot dang mess. Can you believe it? He complained the entire time and couldn’t figure out the circular motion of pedaling. I was hot, tired and frustrated. He wasn’t even trying.

I literally got in my car and cut the AC up and made him practice without me while I called Mr. C to complain. He laughed, “I’ve been there, but you have to keep at it. He’ll get it.” I sighed. “No he won’t” I said. “Do you think riding a bike is important?” he asked. “No” I responded. He told me that it is and I needed patience.

He wasn’t out here in the baking sun with his hair curling up trying to teach Munch how to ride a bike. He was at home in the AC. He suggested that I push Munch while he’s pedaling so that he can see the pedaling at work. I agreed and that worked. Can you believe it?

Munch started pedaling by himself. I was so super proud. I shot a video and sent it to his dad and Mr. C. His dad was so happy. Our son was getting it. We felt like we were doing something. Wow!

Mr. C on the other hand told me that the seat was too low and that’s why my Munch was struggling. “You need to raise the seat” he said. “I don’t know how to do that” I stated. “He replied, “I’ll do it”. Umm, I liked that.

Guess what? He did it too.

My baby is getting more confident on that bike and I don’t feel we’re ready to take the training wheels off just yet, but I can’t be happier. I love that he’s crossed two major milestones this year…learning to tie his shoes and to ride a bike. Baby steps that are finally paying off.

Yay Munch!


  1. New freedom he never had before :). Once you get kids to realize it’s not rocket science it comes to them pretty quickly I’ve learned I taught my daughter in about 30 minutes, and my girlfriends daughter in two days. Way to go mom!

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  2. I love that! It takes patience and a man—especially when you are working with your son. This I know from experience.
    Oh, but wait until he starts driving. If you are anything like I was you will be a freaking nervous wreck!

    Anyway, yaaaay Munch! Keep at it son; you’ll get it!

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