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Would You Want to Know?

QOTD:  Would you want to know if your spouse was cheating on you? 


  1. Absolutely! A relationship is built on honesty. Shoot I can’t even lie about the smallest of things to my spouse! Could I get away with a lot of things? Sure. But that dang conscience is always ridding me like a jockey! I expect my man to have the same integrity!

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  2. TOUGH question. I knew and I wanted confirmation and I got it. It was very difficult. I wanted to know what I wasn’t doing and how to repair our relationship. I knew because he was acting different. His routine changed, his habits changed. Things that I knew he wouldn’t do, he started doing. I checked the phone, I did it all. It was hurtful but not devastating. The reason it wasn’t devastating because I was cheating too.

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  3. It is such a tough question to answer. I would want to know if I am getting cheated on. This is to know if there is something that I can do to salvage my relationship with my significant other. It is also to equip myself with the knowledge of the reasons behind the cheating. Cheating is a complex issue that is not to be blame by only one party but both have a part in it.

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    1. Izrael, I agree with you. I wanted to know what I could do to better our relationship. My biggest problem was lack of communication. He is the talker but I didn’t feel like he was talking to me but at me. I couldn’t do anything right, so I sought elsewhere and he did too. We have remained together, we did separate for about 6 months and decided to LISTEN to each other and that was what we both needed. We are putting the pieces back together again.

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    2. Totally agree. Cheating is usually never just you being the greatest person in the world and the other person is a butt. We all play a role. Doesn’t mean the other person should cheat, but it doesn’t absolve you of any part you may have played. Great answer.

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  4. Yes i would want to know. 9/10 when your spouse is cheating the person they are cheating with knows about you and just doesn’t give a F***. Why should i sit back and be humiliated because my spouse doesn’t have enough respect not to do it let alone tell me. People cheat because of a need, or lack of something in the relationship. So yes i would want to know to see if this is something we could fix or not.

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      1. We start talking about if we were together. Sexting, sharing our relationship woes and worries. Imagining a life with each other. That goes beyond flirting into an emotional relationship. You start to develop feelings for that person.

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  5. I would have wanted to know but I know without a doubt that I would have never believed it. I trusted the Loser puppet more than I had ever trusted anybody. Now? It would be a moot point because I will NEVER have a relationship again.

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  6. Well, from experience I say YES. I would have really appreciated knowing MUCH earlier than I found out about it. I would want to know so that I can leave. I don’t want to be with a cheater, no ifs, ands or buts about it. Honestly though, 6 years later I can forgive the infidelity, what I can’t forgive are all the lies of the before and the after!!

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  7. Two years ago I would have said yes. These days, I live with the mantra if you want to cheat “Good Bye” I’ll catch the next bus. Guess divorce has made me jaded in that aspect. Now if my better half was cheating with a man whore heroin addict with more spots on his junk than a leopard I’d at least like to know so I can get myself tested.

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  8. Yes. Only then you will find a way to solve the issues there are. A hard question. A good question. I would want my partner to be the one telling me though. In order to make the relationship work again it has to be him telling me. Of course I would want my friends to tell me too if they’d know but he would have to be the one mentioning it between the two of us.

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