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Motivational Monday Moment – 9/5/2016

Happy Monday Folks!

It’s Labor Day in the U.S. and that means most of us have today off. My Motivational Monday Moment is for all those who labor. I want to motivate and encourage you this day.

Even if you have to work today, I want you to remember that…


We all have to work. We have to labor to feed ourselves. To clothe ourselves. To house ourselves. We are working to enjoy the fruits of our labor.


The fruits of those labor hopefully pay you a wage that is able to supplement a lifestyle that you can afford. One that allows you to enjoy whatever comforts you have. One that is not keeping you bound in poverty.


We know that the minimum wage is being increased because rising costs can’t allow people to labor and live in this country. It is hard. With gas prices that constantly rise, how can some people live. We need to pay people fairly. People should be treated fairly and have the opportunity to live the American dream. They can’t do that in poverty.


Some will argue and say that these laborers should go to college and get better jobs. I will argue that college may not have been an option for them. Should they suffer in poverty because they make minimum wage? Should we look down on them and treat them as second class citizens?


We all are laborers. I am thankful that I labor. That I am able to provide for my family. That I love what I do. I hope and pray that everyone feels the same. There is power in that.


I want to wish everyone a happy Monday and let you know that you are a part of a tapestry that forms the foundation of this great country! You are invaluable. You matter. Your labor matters. So, whether you are off or not, I want you to know that I wish you a rest filled day.



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