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An 8 Year Old’s Perspective – Part II

Continuing from yesterday’s post, Munch was feeling as though this new school wasn’t very friendly. After drying him off and getting him into bed I sat down and began to cry. Had I done right by my little boy by putting him into this Blue Ribbon School? Had I made the best decision for him? Can I transfer him to a new school?

I was overwhelmed. I wanted only the best for my son and I started to doubt whether or not I knew what that was anymore. I sighed.

I pulled out my laptop and I started writing emails. I needed to let everyone know my concern. Up first was the guidance counselor. I sent her an email and copied the principal, vice principal and his teacher. I needed them to know my concern and give them an opportunity to address it.

I was exhausted. Both mentally and physically. I needed a renewing of my mind and spirit. It became a restless night with lots of tossing and turning and little sleep.

The next day I received a call from the guidance counselor asking me to please come in so that they can address my concerns. They wanted to see me that day. Ugh! Didn’t I just tell ya’ll that I was off Monday and Tuesday and now I had to leave early to go to the school? My boss was very understanding and told me to just go.

The meeting at the school was very informative and encouraging. I really felt as though they were concerned about my issues and wanted to work with me to ensure Munch’s success. I explained that I’m afraid for my son and I know that friendships take time to develop, but if the teachers in the hallway, the lunch technicians and janitorial staff are not always happy and engaging the students, what is the perception of an 8 year old about your school?

They understood. They are going to partner him with a 6th grader who is at the school who is both shy and sensitive like Munch but also brilliant. This child will mentor Munch and just be his buddy. I liked that idea.

But, I still needed to be proactive. So, here’s what I decided to do to bridge this gap and help Munch….

  • I enrolled Munch into Les Petites Voix which is a chorale program for students in grades 3-5 to give him an opportunity to meet and interact with other children. He hated the idea, but I asked him to attend one class and if he didn’t like it he could stop. He asked “So, I have to sing and meet new people at the same time?” LOL.
    • Update – First class was yesterday and he loved it. He said that he wants to continue in it.
  • I got him in the Before and After care program at school so he is no longer riding the school bus and being bullied by the middle school girl. I called the bus driver’s supervisor and spoke with her about the situation and she was very comforting and concerned and said she would speak to the driver. She agreed that there was no way my 8 year old is bullying a middle schooler.
    • Update – He likes the Before and After care program and also he is meeting children who he may not normally come in contact with. I don’t have to worry about the BAK’s (Bad Ass Kids) that ride the bus and are trying to bully my son.
  • I’m scheduling a play date with mothers and their children from his old school to reassure him of his village. He may not have villagers yet at his new school, but I want to remind him of the village he does have.
    • Update – This play date has been scheduled for next month. I can’t wait. 

This is a trial and error situation, but I’m confident and prayerful that this will work out. I am going to be present and vigilant with the school staff and his teachers. I’m already scheduling the first parent/teacher conference for next month.


  1. You are doing a great job, mama! Munch knows he has you in his corner, and you’re doing everything you can to make his world more positive outside the home. Keep on doing the hard stuff!!

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  2. idk, but like as someone still in school, i would say maybe being a bit more outgoing is good, and socilizing with the poel not so high no teh social laddr, yet not so ow, and good people. things get better.always. i know that cos i was a loner the first two year sof high school, now i have a lot of friends and pieple like me, so just you gotta be you, at the same time tho, be a bit louder, not too much, but a bit:)xx

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  3. I’m glad things are looking up. Parenting and working full-time is exhausting. I work in a National Blue Ribbon School, and I can tell you firsthand that we only want what’s best for kids. I’m glad the counselor insisted that you stop by to confer. As you know, the school and family partnership is critical to Munch’s success. Best wishes! ❤

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    1. Thanks Michelle! Yes, I was truly happy for their immediate concern and I’m going to trust them and the process. She gave me some great tips/techniques to get Munch to think in the positive instead of the negative that we began implementing immediately. LOL. It’s rough though!

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