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Welcome November 2016!

Happy November Folks!

I’m sorry for the delay in my posts. I’ve been swamped. I was feeling under the weather last week, got my flu shot and then my son got strep throat this past weekend. It was weird because it was like it came out of nowhere. He kept complaining of his stomach hurting and then vomited on Sunday evening. I took him to Urgent care because he developed this weird rash on his cheeks right before my eyes. Diagnosis was strep and they gave him antibiotics. This is the second time he’s gotten strep in two months. I’m struggling ya’ll.

Here is him Saturday at the pumpkin patch with friends .

Here’s him on Sunday night at Urgent care with the rash .

But, we managed to get out and trick or treat a little bit with his friends. He was “The Batman”. LOL. It was the cutest thing.

Finally, in addition to the many things that I have going on. I’m also working on my holiday cards and got the flicks in from my photographer at Magnolia Street Photography. I love Erin and the work she does. She’s been photographing Munch since he was 2. So, she is who I will continue to use.

I hope you have an amazing November and know that I am missing each and every one of you. I will get back to writing posts beginning tomorrow and will play catch-up with your posts in the next week. I haven’t forgotten about you, so please don’t forget about me.




  1. Your little guy is just the cutest ever!!! and so sad with the rash, poor kid…. and mom. Happy November to you too, it is such a lovely month, one of my favorites although here in Maine it is cold and gray but I love the look and feel of this month. It seems filled with anticipation, waiting for the snows to start and all is calm and quiet. much peace and light to both of you 🙂 Michelle

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  2. What precious little munchkins! My children and I would get strep throat ALL THE TIME. What made it ever worse was that we all got different strains. Loser never got it and…..lo and behold…we found out that he was a carrier. The jerk face just passed it on to us! LOL
    Sure hope he’s feeling better and get some rest, mom!

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      1. Good. Our little ones are pretty resilient! I used to tease mine….”don’t get sick. You get sick and are down for a few days and I take care of you. Then I get sick and you’re outside playing while I’m laying in here DYING!” LOLOL

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  3. Oh no, hope your son is feeling better. What a scare you must have got, so hope you are ok too! He does look very sweet dressed as Batman so he must have been slightly better to go trick or treating, but then fun with friends, being dressed as Batman and getting candy does make things better!

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  4. Strep always makes me throw up. It is the worst illness! Did you determine if the rash was from the antibiotics or if it was from strep? Hope he is feeling better!

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