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Don’t Judge a Person by Their Vote – True Confessions of a Trump Supporter 

This post right here is everything. Please read this beautiful post and you will understand why I say that.


In the weeks since the election I have been called many things. I’ve been called racist, homophobic and sexist. I’ve been told I am contributing to rape culture and that I have no respe…

Source: Don’t Judge a Person by Their Vote – True Confessions of a Trump Supporter 


  1. ❤ it…. My best friend got a lot of lip from her in-laws, because she a black woman who was always democrat but yet something about Trump stood out. As her friend I never judged her, nor did I assume the worst. And on the other hand, my boyfriend is white and he is a Trump supporter. All we can hope for is that Mr. Trump can get this country together, and that we work together. We need to pray for healing for our nation as well.


  2. I really enjoyed reading her post and I can understand her point of view. I voted to Leave the EU : Brexit and I’ve no doubt many of my friends would be aghast if they knew.
    I do sympathise with her points of view and she’s clearly got strong views on certain issues. But, to vote for Trump just doesn’t make sense. If not Hillary then there was Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein. I could go on about a whole list of reasons why it was a very bad idea to vote for Trump, but he is giving a very good demonstration of that himself with the way he is acting already. I feel very sad for the majority of people who voted for him in good faith…..he has manipulated them and is continuing to do so. Although I live in the UK, I keep up to date with what’s going on around the world and I tend to read the articles written by stable journalists rather than the sensationalist rags. Trump has managed to divide America like no other President in the past. My greatest sadness is to see Barack Obama and his family leave the White House; now there is a man of decency, honour, integrity and class, the like of which I doubt we will ever see again. I am totally honest in that I unfriended every single person on my facebook friends list who support or say they voted for Trump. And if I spot any on twitter…well they go the same way. I agree it’s for them to decide who they wish to vote for, but I certainly don’t want to see any of their rhetoric. It makes me ill just to know that for the next 4 years I am going to be stuck with seeing his face on the TV, in the news and on social media……it makes me want to immigrate to the North Pole and hibernate till 2021. All I can say is that I truly hope Trump doesn’t continue to divide the United States of America.


    1. Thank you for those honest comments. We do have lots to work through all over this beautiful planet. Much is at stake.

      I do think I would feel more inspired about the future of our earth if all the ones or any of the ones who voted for the Donald Trump could say,” Maybe that wasn’t so smart. Many of the people he is appointing to lead have fought gains that benefit all of us.I was one of them who helped usher in some of those benefits.

      In deference to the massive job that it is to assume office when you did not expect to be stepping into that role, I can understand that this first go round at appointing people has got to be a stab in the dark. After all, with HIllary’s experience , she was as reported, fully staffed to execute nuclear was with Russia if necessary, asap….and judging by what all the reporters are reporting , Russia deserves little consideration as a potential ally.

      So where is this going? Which side am I on?

      I am for life on earth to thrive . The details of it are your business. Do no harm and take no shit.Work for the highest good of all.

      How we live our lives,the choices we make are only ours to decide for we are the ones who will live out the consequences of those choices where it truly matters …in our hearts. and our individual lives. It all comes down to our motives for our choices. Are we choosing love or are choosing fear?

      No one can divide us against another if we are steadfast to be in unity with others. Many of have the wounds of separation in our hearts already. A look at our live swill reveal this to us. Is there someone you know left out of the reach of your love, your good graces for whatever reason?

      Healing the nation, the planet is done one by one healing themselves , everyday. Each one who walks the talk of love, inclusiveness, kindness ,compassion, hope , and add your own to the wish list, builds a brighter tomorrow.

      Those qualities are lying dormant in us, waiting to be called into action. Is it easy to integrate them into our lives?If we are ready for something more than we know now as a reality, it doesn’t even matter. It’s just what must happen for us to be at peace with our truer ,more refined nature. It’s how we must be in this stage of our development as humans.

      So yes, it was shocking to see where we truly are as a nation with both resulting candidates on the ballot showing past and current disturbing track records in different ways.We felt cornered.

      I see this circumstance a wake up call to all of us who know how to do better and who do not,especially those of us who are leaders in any capacity.There are many of us capable of dropping some or all of our baggage in order to demonstrate , to live out our lives in a more expanded way. We choose instead to be safe, to assure the safety of those like us.

      Do you want to make the planet a great place to live? Okay, let’s start with cleaning gout the junk in our own trunk and go from there.

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  3. I don’t know about this one Tikeetha. I would never call the actual supporter a homophobe or racist; however, I would say that the president-elect’s behavior and words, which were offensive from beginning until now, must be okay with whoever voted for him. I believe your values are generallt aligned with your vote.

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    1. Totally get that. I think what she’s saying is that she’s been called all those things and she’s not. But, is the name calling really necessary? I like to believe that a lot of people voted their conscious based on what their needs were. I am not for the president elect’s behavior being worse than a stray dog’s but can I really say that everyone that voted for him is as he is? I have friends that are wealthy that voted for him. Their belief was that it was financially feasible for them to do so. Do I agree? Nope, but if I were wealthy and wanted to continue to be wealthy would I vote based off my morals or values or to protect my income? Hillary wasn’t morally a person I wanted to represent me, but she was better than not voting or the alternative. In all honesty, none of the past presidents outside of the current one have ever represented me morally.


  4. I’ll be honest, I’m totally Judgey McJudgerson when it comes to who people voted for Trump during this election, and my father-in-law was not spared a tongue lashing. I completely understand her REASONS for voting Trump, and because she has free will and a somewhat reasonable mind, then I can’t even be mad at, but hold UP! Let’s break some of this down….Pro first amendment. Ok cool, but Trump is saying that people who burn flags should be arrested. So there goes the first amendent! Talking about getting rid of the press? Yeah, sounds a little dictator-y to me! Pro guns…ok cool! Me too! But Trump just feels like everyone should have a gun, and that’s it. If this woman believes in all the things that she said (changing laws, closing loop holes and what have you) Trump is CLEARLY not the man for that. Illegal Immigration, which, let’s be real here, everyone is kinda on board with that. Maybe not as extreme as (not my) President-Elect Trump, but sure, like, people who aren’t supposed to be here and commit serious offenses, then HEY! Get back on the bus, and STEP! But however, if we get down to the nitty gritty of why, it’s about (supossed) terroristm but if Trump voters did the research they would see that something like 280 mass shootings have happened since 2015, and with the exception of 2, all of them were Americans, 90% born and raised. So, yeah….not very valid on that stance either. I can get down with the pro-military, but not the Pro-War…That’s some bullshit excuse that people use when they assert their EGOS and let their brains lead and not their hearts…i mean, just look at Standing Rock! Tax reform?!?! From TRUMP?! You’re kidding lady!? If you don’t make more than like 500K a year, don’t talk to me about tax reform, ok!? And my favorite….welfare reform ::face palm::UGH! And I hate stereotyping here, but the general concensus is that mostly people of color are on government assistance, and truth be told, close to 70% of government help recipients are Caucasian!

    So, honestly, I get what she is saying. She feels her reasons are absolutely valid, But I don’t buy any of it. Even Hitlers biggest supporters, henchmen, and confidants changed their tune when confronted with evidence of their evils. When people know they are wrong, or they get caught in a lie, or with their hands in the cookiejar, they’ll say any the hell old thing, to make their decision sound less….effed up! Good for her for ::trying:: to make her vote “right”, but ultimately, I don’t buy it!

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    1. Thanks for posting sis. But, Whoa! Hitler? I don’t think that’s a fair statement in response to her post. I don’t think that Trump is Hitler. He’s a lot of things, but in my heart I don’t think he’s Hitler. I don’t think all Trump voters believe that any race or group of people is trying to control America. He is not someone that I agree with, like or would morally want to support, but I don’t want us to be those people who assume because you voted for Trump that you agree with everything he says or does. We are allowing division instead of unity. This blogger doesn’t believe in a separation of people. She didn’t say that the majority of people on welfare are black either. Everyone knows that is false. I agree with her about people who can work, should. It’s not a permanent solution. I was voting for Hillary because I didn’t want him. That didn’t mean that I wanted her. So, if she had won what could I have said? This was by far one of the worst elections in US History. In my lifetime. I want this to be over and I just pray that we can all get together, but I keep thinking it’s like that old saying “a hard head makes a soft behind”. We have a lesson to learn here. People wanted a businessman to protect them. They will have to learn and we will all be subjected to this. Totally agree about terroism. Because I don’t think (and I don’t know the race of the blogger) white people believe that more white people commit acts of terrorism against this country than any other race. I’m worried about the homegrown terrorists and not people who we let in through our borders.

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      1. I will admit, hitler is a stretch for sure. In my heart, I don’t believe he is hitler…I truly believe that he has good intentions for sure, but the way they were communicated were less than stellar. I guess with a Trump presidency, i have so much to lose that it’s really difficult to go into a conversation with a trump supporter with an open mind and an open heart. I’ll also admit, I know from personal experience with my FIL that most people DONT believe ALL of his propaganda…it’s just really difficult to process how the heart and the mind and “society” work hand in hand. It’s seriously a battle of patience but most importantly kindness. Thanks for the words sis!

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      2. Absolutely. Me too sis and I promise you that I will stand for you and with you because nothing done should be overturned and no one should have the right to decide what we do with our lives. Yep, it truly is a balance and we have to not our anger treat people badly. I know it’s hard but what touched me most about her essay was that she spoke from the truth of where she came from. I thought about my friends who were white and wealthy and voted for Trump and I know that they didn’t in any way do it because they are racists or believe that they are better than other people. They are Christians, but heck some Christians are divided on him so it was understandable. I just want us to be able to love each other and not let the psychos think that we will go quietly in the night, because we won’t.


  5. I find this whole topic extremly painful. I agree that as individuals people may not neccessarly be racist, bigots, misogonists, homophoic, or xenophoic, but they basically said that those things don’t matter when it came to voting for a leader for this country and for that I am conflicted. I am dreading Christmas Eve because my entire family voted for him and are obnoxious about it.

    Many of the points that the blogger wrote about go against who they voted for which adds to my confusion. I am terribly scared for the future. I am a student of history and I just see many parallels repeating itself. The fact that people aren’t overly concerned with the hacking of the Russians is also alarming. Where is our safety? What else can be hacked? How can we trust a leader who believes everything is fake and spends his time on Twitter riling people up to believe everything is fake news when that is furthest from the truth. I’m afraid I truly am.

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    1. Very good point Stephieann! But, what I loved about her essay was that she wasn’t rude or defensive and she never said he was a good human being. People vote to protect their interests. Whatever they are. People don’t really vote for their morals unless their religious (many religious folks voted for him) so ultimately are we saying that these are bad people? I don’t think we could say that. I won’t say that you are anything based on your vote unless you show or say something that proves that. I am totally afraid of him taking office and I think he is a disgrace to the country, but I’m not going to stop loving my friends that voted to protect their interests rather than for the lesser of two evils. I just have to pray that they will stand on the side of truth when a war breaks down.

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