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Baggage Check: Racism

So, the other day I received a comment on my post Dear White People that needed to be approved. I read the comment and sent that garbage to spam. Why? Because this is my blog and I don’t allow your BS or baggage on it. Writer’s prerogative.

I go check out the page of the person and was shocked that WordPress even allows this foolishness here:  https://vikingstrongman.wordpress.com/. This person is a white supremacist talking that racist BS that will destroy America and allow you the anonymity that you can claim in cyber world. Let me be clear, I don’t do racism or white supremacy. Not in real life or in cyberspace.


He’s referring to blacks as niggers. Really? So, it takes a real man to hide in cyberspace and try to fuel the hate in so many people. Be authentic in your hate. Show your face. Spread your hate without a white robe.


Let me be clear…I am about the inclusiveness of all people and no race is better than another. We were all created by one God and are descendants of Adam and Eve. I don’t care who you voted for (because I serve a Heavenly Father) and I will not allow people to disrespect me or my space. If you want to blame everything going on in the world on everyone else then check yourself.


I don’t fear terrorists from other countries when we raise more terrorists in America than those that enter our borders. The face of terrorism to me is not brown. Take your hatred of all those that seek peace and kick rocks. We will not go quietly in the night.


This election has allowed those white supremacists to show their true colors and think that it is acceptable to disrespect people of color. It is not. I will not allow you to come for me or my family. I will not allow you to disrespect any group that I support (women, children, men, veteran’s, the LGBQT family, people of color or any other group). We are one. United we stand.





  1. Let me be clear first; I’m not a White Supremacist by any real definition of the term.

    That being said, every time a minority says something about how White Supremacy will “destroy America” I have to roll my eyes at the histrionics and self-serving ignorance of the statement. It’s a simple fact that White Supremacy would destroy, or even particularly harm, America in any quantifiable manner. Not even returning to the old ways prior to the “Civil Rights Act” would do any real harm to America once the resulting rioting – which would “prove” the need for the roll-back just as it has already done in the minds of many – was quelled by force. Hell! Returning to the slave days would only harm America due to the international outcry it would cause.

    The above is the thing. Just because it harms minorities, especially Blacks, doesn’t mean it harms America in general, possibly the opposite in fact depending upon what criteria you set for “harm.”

    Does that make it right? No! Or, at least I don’t think so, not if we’re actually basing it on race as opposed to culture and allegiance. However, just because it’s wrong doesn’t mean it’s measurably harmful in a materially quantifiable manner and it certainly isn’t something that would destroy America. Claiming it would just makes people ignore the message being delivered.


    1. Interesting. I don’t subscribe to the white supremacy foolishness or any other act of enslaving or turning back the time to the good old days where you could beat people or own them as property. Just like white supremacists believe that integration is white washing the pure America, everyone has an opinion the subject. My response is that I will fight for the side of right knowing that we are all one. Nothing ever good happens when one group of people believes they are superior to others. I don’t support messages of hate. I support messages of love and inclusiveness. No one did anything by themselves. Hell, we took America from it’s rightful heirs and we still want to say that it was discovered by someone else. Lies are harmful. Why? Because you start to believe them and those lies are passed on and down through generations. When you have Bill O’Reilly saying that the slaves that built the White House slaves were “well fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government.” you have to know how lies hurt those that don’t know better.


      1. One, we’re not really all one. There’s a huge segregation – pun intended – of culture, and we’re not likely to bridge that so long as “Oreo,” “Uncle Tom,” “House Negro (I’m using the less standard polite’ish variant),” and “Too White” are in in normal use among the “Black Community” and “Cultural Appropriation” is a bogeyman among White Liberals.

        Two, YES! The lies are bad, very bad, and for the reasons you’ve stated by and large. Remember though that we’re all told the lies that are respective peoples felt most comfortable with. In my case as an example that you referenced, it is that the slave who built the White House were “well fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government.” In your case it was that the slave who built the White House WEREN’T “well fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government.”

        The truth is both largely unknown to history, likely much more complex (as was everything regarding US chattel slavery) than often represented, and almost completely subjective and normally approached from the point of bias since we ALL live better and differently than anyone did in late 18th century America.

        Three, Supremacy is such a loaded word that we can’t even really discuss it. We probably define it differently.


  2. Ticket T, you understood that the person that mailed you that remark wasn’t saved. He isn’t saved and does not have a relationship with Jesus. The sad thing is that people who preach hate and who hide behind racist past are scared individuals who live in fear. Fear of experiencing love and acceptance, fear of having a relationship with the universe, they are frightening because some antichrist has taught them that one race is superior to some other. We are all one race, the human race, but yet we forget that we are all made in the image of our father. He is of is father the devil. Satan desires to get in and kill, steal and destroy and he uses small minded to people as his weapon of choice. It’s one of those fathers forgives him, for he knows not what he does moment, but hopefully before he departs he will repent and come to learn the love of Jesus. He talks about starting a race war, my response is that we need to start a prayer war. A war to bring down the strongholds and against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. If we totally come together and start fighting through prayer instead of with our fist and with words we can alter just about things. My prayer is that hopefully he gets saved and those who follow his blog gets saved. And there is a new revolutionary movement started in this country called prayer. That we in the body of Christ must take our country back. That we learn to love one another and respect one another differences. I pray that you have a wonderful day today. And that you confine your quest in fighting dragons.

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    1. I am so with this Gods Glory. Prayer is elevating people these past few months like nothing I have ever seen! Even me! I’ve never prayed as much as I have these past two months, and always for oneness, for true genuine kindness and love for All creatures of light, humans, plants and animals included, and I have to say, more and more lately, I see changes in people, in energy, and it’s beautiful. What you say about fear vs. love couldn’t be more true. I think this election cycles, despite bringing the “crazies” outta their comfortable closest, has also brought the believers to the forefront. The ones who, like myself, believe that love can change things! I too recently got a message on my page about being a fat dyke who is disgusting and that my kids are going to suffer for having “a fat f*ck Spic like you as their mother, or whatever you call yourself”…to which I simply replied, “May God continue to bless you with what you deserve!” My Man upstairs takes care of people like that, and gives us the power, courage and strength to keep kindness and love at the forefront despite all the other stuff! Thank you for this!

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  3. Tikeetha, my dear,
    The more I read, the more I shook and the more I could feel myself seething with anger. You know I have no qualms about calling somebody out when it comes to bullshit so I actually considered visiting their site. But I didn’t want them to think for a millisecond that I was the least bit interested in what they think, how they feel or what they write. The only reason I even thought about it is because they attacked my friend…a woman I consider to be a sister…a wonderful woman who is truly kind and good…a woman who serves her Lord.
    People like this put shame on my race. I despise them and echo your question. How can WordPress even allow this kind of site? I’m all about freedom of speech but not when it is used as a vehicle to impugn, incite, destroy or malign.
    Take care sis and just “consider the source.” 🙂

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    1. Aww, thanks sis! It’s nothing new, but I choose to believe in the good of humanity and people. I’m choosing to raise my son to see that. I’m hopeful that we can make a change. It’s scary, but I serve a mighty God and he alone can take care of those that have hateful hearts. It’s sad though because the same day that I found the comment, my brother came to see me to tell me he’s engaged to his son’s mother. She’s white. She’s absolutely wonderful and I’m so excited that she’s going to be my sister. When he told us this we all responded “It’s about time.” Love will stamp out hate any day. We just have to stand together.


      1. I agree about standing together but doesn’t it seem to be getting worse? I didn’t live in a box nor did I have my head buried in the sand but I declare. I have never seen such hatred as I do now. It’s just so sad. 😦


  4. Thanks for sharing your experience and this important message. It still amazes me that there is so much hate out there. Behind hate and bigotry like that is weakness and enormous fear (though they would deny it by piling on more hate). As angry as people like that make me, I also feel such pity for them–for the smallness of their lives, the limited mindset, and the fact that they may live their whole life without making any positive difference. It has been shocking to see so much bigotry emerge from the election–my hope is that it is awakening more people to stand up tall and vocally for justice and equality, and to always stand up to bigotry and hate. We’ve got a ways to go–but we’ll get there.

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  5. Wait unti January 20th thats when all the scumbacks will crawl out of their holes. People voted a racist in the white house, who -first action- appointed a white supremecist into his cabinet. I hope I am wrong, but I fear it will get bad.

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  6. With my husband’s job I have learned many disturbed individuals hide behind their computer. I’m so sorry that you even had to read such garbage.
    I was just reading stats on crime and such and read how the Jews are still soooo highly persecuted by hate crimes. ( my family is Jewish) . Skin color and religion , gender preference….seems everyone wants to hate!!! And why. There is no need. I will never understand it.

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  7. What the actual fuck is the only thing I could think when checking out this page. I’m so sick of us HUMANS not treating one of another like a damn human. Who cares if we’re gay, straight, catholic, atheist, black, white, or Asian, we’re literally identical on the inside, made out of the same shit, came from the same original place at one point, and we still have people that think they’re above a certain type of human? I honestly just can’t wrap my head around it. I see racism, sexism, and homophobic acts all the time, but it just seriously blows me. I’m sorry you had to receive that kind of comment on here, pisses me off honestly.

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  8. Tikeetha, a powerful post – I will gladly protest with you in the name of what is right and for justice. I don’t have the same religious beliefs as you and I don’t need to- I know in my heart what you say is true.
    My moral compass knows that hate and division of people is not for the greater good.

    This is our world. Your world. Mine . We all have the right to live it peacefully and to be respected – 🙂

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    1. Aww, thank you Daisy. I truly appreciate that. I know not everyone believes as I do and what I’m realizing is that we are letting our beliefs divide us instead of unite us. Do you believe in human life? Do you believe that people should create hate crimes and not be persecuted? These things are important.

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  9. Awesome post and I totally agree, no terrorist from any other country is more dangerous (to me) than the ones we breed over here! I will be following you as a rookie in the blog game and hopefully learn how it’s really done. Maybe we can educate the masses together. Check me out as well, would love some feedback 🙂

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  10. I also had a white supremacist troll harass me about not being loyal to the white race, and I really just couldn’t believe the level of hate that was expressed. I had to write my own piece on it today because it wouldn’t let me sleep. And no, we will NOT go quietly into that good night. Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry you had to deal with this.

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