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How Can We, As Parents, Live the Values of Martin Luther King Jr.?

Love this.

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When we think of the civil rights movement, we may think of a country divided. But Martin Luther King Jr.’s message and the vision that galvanized so many to act bravely in the face of fear, consisted of values that any person in any corner of the world can aspire to. They are values that, when lived, have the potential to unify. So when you are talking with your children today about why we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr., be sure and include those values that he articulated and modeled and that so many were able to demonstrate through their actions. Think about small ways in which you might demonstrate those values in your day-to-day life. If you do so, you will be honoring the memory of all those throughout time whose lives and livelihoods were threatened and despite that, made choices that aligned with the best of who we…

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  1. I have never thought I was a good mama but one thing I am proud of is that I raised my children with the belief that we are all the same. I never (nor do they) referred to anybody as “your black friend” or “your gay friend” or your “Jewish friend.”
    When my daughter was a senior in college, her first serious boyfriend was black. They saw each other for the whole year but parted after graduation. I knew about him, knew his name but never did she describe him as her “black boyfriend.” She knew that the only thing that mattered to me was if he was good to her….and he was. He was a lovely young man.
    She was raised right…and so was he. They were “colorblind.”
    MLK had a dream and it is up to us to make it come true for him…and all of us.

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