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A Shoe Tying Miracle

When Munch was about 6, I instructed his dad to teach him how to tie his shoes. I told him that I would take over the task of teaching him how to read. I couldn’t do both. I was working full-time and a single mom. I had accepted that we were living in two separate homes and we needed to divide and conquer things when it comes to parenting.

Well, Munch never really learned how to tie his shoes. Thankfully he knows how to read. When I asked him why he can’t tie his shoes when his dad said he could, he said “I can’t Mommy, it’s too hard. It never stays tied.” I sighed. I couldn’t believe that my son couldn’t tie his shoes and actually preferred velcro shoes.

Alas was life. I struggled to show him how to tie his shoes. He just wasn’t getting it. It was frustrating. I gave up. I watched him literally destroy brand new tennis shoes because he couldn’t tie his laces and he would walk around stepping on them all day.  Many people tried to help including the summer camp counselor last year. Munch just couldn’t get it.

A friend of mine recommended this book Red Lace, Yellow Lace and told me that it is a God send because he needed it with his son. He said “I couldn’t teach him to tie his shoe to save his life and when I bought this book, he got it.” “Umm, yeah” I said. I had tried everything so I felt that it was hopeless, but the book was cheap so I thought it wouldn’t be a bad investment. I had a niece and nephew who were 4 and 3 who would be learning soon.

I bought the book last week while Munch was with his dad. I’m happy to say that it worked. I love this book. Munch read it and practiced on the laces on the book and then with his own shoes all that night.

Guess what? He’s been tying them right ever since. In one freaking day.  I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get the book. The best part was when Munch said “Mommy, since I read the book, I don’t have any problems tying my shoes. They stay tied all day.” I smiled.

It was a good week. My work is done. He can tie his shoes and he can read. Better late than never.



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  1. I taught my children how to tie their shoes. Loser always ties his shoes in “granny style” meaning the “bow” was north/south instead of east/west.
    Thankfully…my children learned the right way! LOLOL 👟

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      1. Ha! The picture shows the east/west style. If you’re looking at the shoe from the front, east/west it right. If the loops are facing the tongue and the toe of the shoe…it’s a granny tie! LOLOL

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      1. Soo many children develop fine motor at different times. With velcro they really don’t HAVE to do their laces. Not really. But your sweetness must have been so proud to be able to read that and then do the laces!!!!!

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      2. I think I just sent reply but I was totally not done typing. My brain is complete mush. I should not be allowed on social media!!!!
        But I wanted to say, If I didn’t, and I can’t remember, (lyme treatment is killing my brain cells) that all parents , so many parents, compare their children and want their children to do tasks at the same time as other children. My daughter was walking at 10 months old. My friend’s son was not walking until he was 3. My daughter was potty trained at 18 months. My friend’s son was not potty trained until he was 4. I don’t think he tied his shoes until he was 10! And YET. When he was 3 he could ride a bike with no training wheels. And my daughter could not ride a bike until she was 10. By the time they were 13 years old they were both in honors classes, same exact level of fine motor and large motor skills and academic skills. But even if they weren’t. Who cares. We are all different. And so our our children.
        But that makes these little accomplishments nomatter what age such a reason to celebrate. When my daughter rode the bike she could have been 2 for as loud as I screamed my happiness.

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