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Do I Miss Teen Dating? Damn Right I do!

I once read a post about teen dating that made me reminisce about [my] past teen dating days… (which weren’t that long ago) by the way.  I instantly started to compare how innocent dating was back then, to how ridiculously superficial and confusing it is now.

  1. Social Media pressure
  2. Reality TV pressure
  3. Entertainment (rappers and vocalist) pressure
  4. Subliminally sexual images and messages everywhere
  5. The pressure our young teenage girls have to look a certain way

And the list goes on.

So What Do I Miss Most About Teen Dating?

What do I miss most about my teen dating days? Did we even date? Or did we just venture out into a concrete habitat and pursue convivial activities completely bereft of thoughts of our affinity for one another?
However, once the seed was planted (like the serpent telling Adam and Eve they were exposed) we started to feel the pressures of teen dating (“oooohhh ya’ll go together!!!”). It took away from the sweet and blissful innocence you felt when you would stroll around town together, venturing to the corner store. Me combining pennies and nickels to purchase a pack of Lemonheads I would gladly share with her.
Innocent laughter about random yet imaginative thoughts of days past and fictitious accounts of days to come. It was all there. I miss that. After hours of conversation, with some hesitation, finally conceding to the overwhelming narcolepsy weighing my eyelids south and shading my brown iris like a lunar eclipse. We agree to end this night, but neither of us wants that to be, so we, decide to play a game of, “count to three.”
“No you hang up,”
“No, you hang up,”
“On 3 hang up.”
I miss shared yet recalcitrant thoughts on paper of potentialities and possibilities of a future with her. Sweet looks from afar that garner a smile with a quick turn of her head, hiding as is if she was in a haze. Nervous tension and apprehension, hoping you didn’t notice her gaze. Indeed, I miss those ways… I reminisce over those days.
College-ruled sheets of virginal text, and solicitations of  where we’d meet.
Do you like me?
Check, yes or no
Intertwined hands, smiles you could see from a distant land…
You damn right I’m your man. I want the whole school to understand…(and see) you’re with me.
This wasn’t fantasy, it was my reality… today it’s fallacy.  Destroying the possibilities, of what-could-be, so organically, flowing end-lessly.
So I re-peat… “Do I Miss Teen Dating? Damn Right I do!”
That’s when it felt free.
Jay Thomas is an incredible blogger that commented on one of my posts last year and we’ve been following each other every since. He’s an incredible writer and lover of love. Isn’t that amazing? I love love too so it was awesome to realize that we have a lot in common. He will be a featured contributor to my blog in 2018 and I wanted to give you an idea of this man’s perspective on love. He’s real. He’s true. He’s open. To read more about Jay and to follow his blog please click here: Relationships Etcetera


    1. That’s awesome! Sounds like you and your husband have a pretty cool and fun relationship😊

      For me? Yes… i definitely miss the innocence of it all. Cool thing is, anyone can have that in their relationship if they really want it.


  1. I miss the times of talking on the phone for hours with someone you like as a teenager and I miss the days when social media didn’t exist because I have dated in both periods and social media causes a lot of drama in relationships

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    1. I believe social media is the gift and the curse. I also agree… social media is a problem. That’s why I say… keep your relationship off social media. Even the strongest relationships can fall victim to its traps.

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    1. I was watching a movie last night called Hacksaw Ridge. Don’t pay attention to the fact that it’s a war movie. In the beginning of the movie the young man meets a young lady while donating blood. He immediately chooses her and courts her throughout. But they literally just enjoy being around each other. That’s all that matters. He even proposed without a ring and she accepted without hesitation. Nowadays things are so complex. You have to think too much instead of just being instinctual and organic.

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  2. I’ve not dated for a while, but this has been my sentiment all along. How come it can’t be this free today? Is it technology that makes it more stressful? Age? Are people blaming these things on why it’s a challenge, or is it people? Because quite honestly, people still create relationships. Apologies if this seems ranty, but I’ve been thinking about it for a minute lol

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    1. I have always said… “love is easy, we make it hard.” People started thinking, and analyzing everything in the dating process. Instead of just flowing. People are insecure and more worried about being hurt vs falling in love. The hurt overrides the love, and the insecurities set-in. That makes it complex. An otherwise innocent process, turns into a complex strategy game where each party involved is trying to get the upper hand (or) get the other person to please their selfish desires.

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    1. Let me tell you…. I miss those days. Back then, it was all about loving the person for who they were. We were younger, so we didn’t have much. Just our personalities and a little charm. No cars, no real money, just conversation and chemistry.

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      1. I believe (on an individual level) we can. Find a guy, talk to him about how you’d prefer to date, and let him lead the way. Our dating experiences can be soooo fun… if we create the experiences we want.


  3. That is so true. I am a teen myself, and I wish guys would just be more nice, innocent, and caring as they were “back in the day”. Now there are so many guys that just treat girls like they are objects and don’t appreciate what they have. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good guys out there, but not as many as there used to be. For example, earlier this year I thought I was dating one of those “good guys”, but once he thought he had me, he just tried to get what he wanted all along and tried to throw me to the side. Thing is…I’m not dumb, so I tossed him first lol. But as you can see, relationships now can be so deceiving. Don’t say those three words n eight letters if all you want is to have our clothes scattered across your room floor…smh. The only talk they want is pillow talk haha.

    Well, that was a whole rant! LMAO sorry I couldn’t help it!!

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    1. You know…. I’ve heard that from a lot of teenagers and millennials. When I was younger, there were guys that wanted nothing more than to find a young lady to lay down with. However, most of us were not even into sex like that. It was truly all about dating, hanging out, going to get a milkshake, going to the arcade together while holding hands and being silly. Now? I have no idea what is going on. It has proliferated it’s way back into my generation at that.


    1. Thanks for commenting! Yes, I see and hear that a lot. My teen years were great. That being said, the popularity thing seems to span generations. The social media aspect has affected teens on a very negative level. The things I see young boys and girls do for attention is ridiculous.

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      1. This will make you stand out from the rest easily because you’re not doing that. Guys who gravitate towards women/girls like that have only one thing in mind (and it isn’t getting to know you).

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