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Dating Requirements: At A Minimum

I told you yesterday how I believe that women shouldn’t have to audition for the wife role while in relationships with men and the reasons why. But, let’s go further. Let’s dig into what we women should expect when dating a man.

There are four main things that I would say that you should expect from a man at a minimum. These are non-negotiable items. You can’t short change yourself and not have one because trust me you will end up in hell. The four main things that are a minimum in dating are:  respect, honesty, transparency and stability.

  1. Respect – That’s a given. If he doesn’t respect you then you should kick him to the curb. Stop wasting your time on a man that can’t respect you. Whether it is him doing what he says he’s going to do or not chasing after other women when you’re in a committed relationship, respect is a minimum.
  2. Honesty – This is also a given, but you would be surprised the number of women who will accept a man’s lies and try to repackage it and sell it is alternative facts. We have to stop doing this. I don’t deal in lies. My momma used to say that my daddy “Would lie between two rain drops” and that always made me laugh. But, as a woman there are men out there that lie all the time and for no dang reason or for the reason of trying to spare your feelings. A man that is not honest is not the man for you sis.
  3. Transparency – His life and all the many facets of it should be transparent to you. You shouldn’t have to guess who is family and friends are, where he works, what his kids look like, etc. He should be open to presenting you to his family and friends and trying to make his life an open book to you. I’m not saying that he has to do this on day one, but when you’ve both decided to get serious then he should have no problems being transparent with you.
  4. Stability – He should be able to support himself without you. The end. You are not his financier. Heck, you’re not even his fiance. A man has to be able to support himself without you. It’s interesting, when I was young and single and dating, men just paid for things. Took me out to expensive restaurants and we shared our life’s ups and downs together. They celebrated me. They knew how to date me. I never expected a man to take me out to dinner and he couldn’t pay his rent. A man has his priorities in order. That wouldn’t happen. A lot of men that I encountered while dating wanted to pay on the first date and then have me pay thereafter. Umm, why? Are you not financially able to date me? Then be honest. We can be friends and I can choose to pay for my own meal if we go out. I had a friend once tell me that a real man will figure it out. He knows his bills and responsibilities and he will not be expecting you to finance the relationship.

At a minimum, every man you date should have the above qualities.  If not, you will fall into some serious dating traps. What traps? We’ll discuss those in tomorrow’s post.

What are some of the things that you expect of a man that you’re dating? What are your deal breakers?


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  1. I always enjoy reading your posts and this one is no different(just thought I should say that). With regards to your questions, I expect the man to be a complete gentleman. I want to be with someone that has a great sense of humor, is trustworthy and dependable. I won’t tolerate ANY DISRESPECT!

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  2. This is an excellent list! But often ppl aren’t tryna hear it sis! It’s too often about looks and just be happy you have a man lol.

    Anyway hand clap to number 1 and 4. My dad emphasizes respect as a top priority. And stability. Often disrespect can occur in suttle ways. Does he respect your opinion, ideas and views about stuff, even if he disagrees? Or is he dismissive of your desires? All this is so important.

    Lots of men are really too broke to be trying to date. I once asked a guy could he afford to bc of all his financial burdens he was sharing with me. He lied and said yes but honestly he couldn’t. Going back to the point of honesty, it’s so needed also.

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    1. Yes, sis. So true. I want someone who sees me as a visionary and not a footstool. Yep, I’ve dated those men too. Mr. C ain’t rich, but he is dating me and I love and find value in that. Grown men taught me that a real man will find out how to pay his bills and date you. Yep, be honest about your finances. I can respect honesty, but don’t go broke trying to date me. I don’t want to struggle.

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