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Anger into Social Action

I’m moving. Moving forward. I was disturbed, distressed and heart broken last week when I read about another school shooting. When will it end? Why can’t we send our children to school without them being shot? When will we stand up for our children?

Those were some of the questions running through my mind. I needed to regroup, reflect and pray. I’m tired of talking about the injustices that are going on. I’m tired of seeing the news were children are running for their lives. I’m a mom. How do you think that makes me feel?

It’s insane where we live in a society where it is easier to get a gun than a duplicate social security card for your child. It’s insane where it is easier to get a gun than a library card. It’s insane when children and young adults can walk into a school and shoot openly and still walk out alive. No I’m not advocating their death, but there are parents grieving for the lives you’ve stolen from them.

Mental health is real. I’m not denying that. But, society is cruel as hell when you can just let anyone get a gun. This young man is a fool. On what planet do you think it is okay to shoot up a school and kill people because you were told no? Get the hell out of here! No means no. A young woman is not required to date you. That doesn’t give you the right to go off and shoot up people. Don’t you know better than that?

I’m tired of crying. I’m tired of fighting. I’m tired of asking for justice. I’m tired of asking for gun reform. I’m turning my anger into social action and casting my vote in the primaries. I am asking for my elected officials to get off their butts and stop making it so easy for people to have access to guns and go on a killing spree.

I can’t take no more. I am prayerfully going to the polls as my elected officials have a responsibility to their constituents. To me and to you. I’m prayerfully asking that we think of the families that have had to bury their children due to gun violence. I’m asking that you exercise your right to vote. My voice matters when I vote. Yours does too.


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  1. To me, it’s not a weapons issue and I stand by the 2nd amendment. The issue is kids aren’t told “no” and everyone is included in prizes and trophies. Children aren’t told they need to earn what they get. They need safe spaces when their feelings are hurt. THIS is the real problem that leads them to believe they can commit horrible acts and it’s ok because others do it too. I am advocate of homeschooling for safety and teaching responsibility and accountability. I am glad to be raising and teaching my children the exact opposite of what public schools deem “acceptable” behavior. Pride in country, pride in the constitution and accountability for what you do; good or bad.


  2. I respectfully disagree with Lynn above.
    Kids aren’t told “no” and everyone gets participation prizes and trophies, so yes we’ve got kids with inflated egos and zero ability to process feelings like rejection, disappointment, and rage. This is bad. This will come back to bite us when these kids are supposed to be in charge of society.
    But this wouldn’t be deadly without a weapons issue. A young man raging because a girl rejected him wouldn’t be able to spray bullets across a classroom if we didn’t have a weapons issue. To say kids walking into schools with guns is SOLELY a problem with how they’re being raised is shortsighted, to say the least.

    Thank you for offering a place to discuss such an important issue, Tikeetha.

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  3. Anger over guns is not the only issue affecting our student, though is the most significant nowadays. As a current NYCDOE teacher, I feel it is harder than ever psychologically, to be a student! From the stress of school work and to unrealistic standards to now even worse with the shootings!

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