2019 advice birthday celebrating

44 Promises

Today is my birthday. My 44th in fact. I’ve lived 44 years on this Earth and I’m thankful for each and every year. I wanted to share with you the 44 promises that I’ve made with myself over the years.

  1. To accept responsibility for my actions
  2. To live life to the fullest
  3. To forgive myself
  4. To forgive others
  5. To live by truth
  6. To invest in myself
  7. To spend time with friends
  8. To spend time with family
  9. To take vacations and/or trips
  10. To make more memories
  11. To trust in myself
  12. To love completely
  13. To speak in the positive
  14. To affirm myself
  15. To exercise
  16. To meditate
  17. To pray
  18. To dance
  19. To laugh often
  20. To do what I want
  21. To make time for things that matter
  22. To not allow negative space to consume me
  23. To trust that God sees me
  24. To believe that even when it seems darkest that God’s got it
  25. To see people for who they really are
  26. To make new friends
  27. To get a hobby
  28. To do what I love
  29. To change my mind if I want to
  30. To be the best mom ever
  31. To be present in the moment
  32. To say no if I feel like it
  33. To not commit myself to everything
  34. To take time out for me when I feel like it
  35. To listen to my body
  36. To feed my soul
  37. To read more
  38. To ask for help
  39. To accept help
  40. To compliment others often
  41. To let people know when I’m displeased
  42. To let people in and not be so guarded
  43. To try new things
  44. To be a better person each and every day.

That’s it. I really didn’t start promising things to myself until I hit 40. At that point I realized that I needed to invest in me first. To make sure that I’m feeding my soul with good people, good moments and good energy.

I have nothing planned this evening as I have Munch and he has tutoring. He wanted to take me out to dinner tonight but I told him we can go on Saturday. He doesn’t have money so in essence I’m taking him out for my birthday. But, it is a mommy/son date night and I’m thankful for each and every one of the memories we make.

It’s 2019 loves and I want to thank you for following me and being on this journey with me. One more year done and I’m praying that it is better than the last. There is value in choosing you first. Be blessed loves!




Want to keep in touch? You can find me on social media at the following links: Twitter @mskeeinmd, Facebook page A Thomas Point of View and my Instagram page @mskeeinmd.


  1. Happy B’day to you :). No. 1, 32, 42 are so difficult for me- an adulting 30-something. Hope it gets better in the coming years. Thank you for the inspiration. ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! It is a work in progress and I’ll tell you that didn’t come until I reached 40. It was a sense of clarity that I gained that allowed me to be comfortable with saying no, accepting responsibility and letting people in. The right people was the key to it all.

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      1. It was very normal. LOL. I have Munch so nothing spectacular. I’m hoping for an amazing birthday next year as I’ll be 45. But, I’m thankful for having another year to be here.


  2. Happy Birthday! I love it when kids want to do stuff like that for us…even though they really have no means to cover the bill. It’s the thought that counts, though, right? Hope you have a great day. 😊😊

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  3. Happy Birthday! I like the promise to make memories. Each day that passes is an opportunity to do something memorable but I know that I don’t always take advantage of that so I’m adopting that part of your list for myself!

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  4. It’s too late to say, happy birthday! So instead I’ll say, I hope it was happy, and that you have/make plenty of chance to live the list you’ve written here. ♥

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