Happy Birthday Dr. King

Today, January 15th, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have been 90 years old. He was a pioneer in the civil rights movement, a Nobel peace prize recipient, a husband, a father, orator and a Baptist preacher. In the U.S. we recognize his birthday with a federal holiday the third Monday in January. So, on January 21st we will observe his birthday with a day off.


I always do a service project on MLK holiday. I will be working with some of my sorority sisters to volunteer at We Feed Our People. Munch would be there to help me, but he will be with some of my fraternity brothers and his friends attending a trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture. This museum is currently closed due to the federal government shutdown, but we’re told that it will be open for them. Munch is super excited to attend and having some of his friends with him will be icing on the cake.


However, Munch and I will be volunteering this Saturday for MLK day with Mothers of Black Boys United at A Wider Circle. They are a non-profit that helps people in poverty by providing basic need items to individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, or otherwise living without the essentials for life. I’m super excited about this opportunity because I love to serve and I’m getting Munch in the habit as well.

So we are serving in honor of a man that gave his life to serve others.





The Truth Hurts

Last week when I was driving Munch to school he and I were talking and suddenly I lost my train of thought. Munch being his ever observant self noticed that I cut the conversation short. He asked me what I was trying to say. I said “I can’t remember Munch.” I said “Mommy’s getting older and sometimes when I’m doing more than one thing I can lose my train of thought.” He said “You’re not old Mommy.” I laughed and said “Yes, son, I am. I’m 44 and as hard as I try, I will forget things.” He was upset and said “No, Mommy you’re not old. Nanna is old (my mother). Mamma Lennie (my grandmother) is old.” I couldn’t stop laughing. I said “Munch, my mom and grandma are not that old.” He said “Yes, they are. Look, I’m not trying to be funny but sometimes the truth hurts and the truth is that they are old but you are not old.”

I couldn’t stop laughing. He’s 10 and he’s talking about sometimes the truth hurt. But, I thought about the truth in what he said and you know what? He was right. Sometimes the truth hurts. We spend so much of our lives trying to get the right words to say the right things to people thinking of how we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings – and the truth gets lost in trying to frame it right. But, isn’t it true that no matter what you try to do in life, the truth will sometimes hurt?

It’s not intentional. It just does. Think about the time when someone was truthful to you about something. Was it your outfit, appearance, body of work, etc? Did it hurt? Maybe. However, if you value honesty, you got over it. You thanked God for another day. You moved on.

When you try to pretty up the facts the truth can get lost in translation. I think that’s why I’ve always been a straight shooter. I stand on truth.  I want Munch to stand on truth. To be kind but to be honest. Your word matters.

So, 2019 has me examining the truth in everything and everyone. My son gets his directness from me. It’s not something that I want to change in him. I just pray that as he grows he continues to deliver the truth in everything he says. That he stands on his words and that they are truthful.


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44 Promises

Today is my birthday. My 44th in fact. I’ve lived 44 years on this Earth and I’m thankful for each and every year. I wanted to share with you the 44 promises that I’ve made with myself over the years.

  1. To accept responsibility for my actions
  2. To live life to the fullest
  3. To forgive myself
  4. To forgive others
  5. To live by truth
  6. To invest in myself
  7. To spend time with friends
  8. To spend time with family
  9. To take vacations and/or trips
  10. To make more memories
  11. To trust in myself
  12. To love completely
  13. To speak in the positive
  14. To affirm myself
  15. To exercise
  16. To meditate
  17. To pray
  18. To dance
  19. To laugh often
  20. To do what I want
  21. To make time for things that matter
  22. To not allow negative space to consume me
  23. To trust that God sees me
  24. To believe that even when it seems darkest that God’s got it
  25. To see people for who they really are
  26. To make new friends
  27. To get a hobby
  28. To do what I love
  29. To change my mind if I want to
  30. To be the best mom ever
  31. To be present in the moment
  32. To say no if I feel like it
  33. To not commit myself to everything
  34. To take time out for me when I feel like it
  35. To listen to my body
  36. To feed my soul
  37. To read more
  38. To ask for help
  39. To accept help
  40. To compliment others often
  41. To let people know when I’m displeased
  42. To let people in and not be so guarded
  43. To try new things
  44. To be a better person each and every day.

That’s it. I really didn’t start promising things to myself until I hit 40. At that point I realized that I needed to invest in me first. To make sure that I’m feeding my soul with good people, good moments and good energy.

I have nothing planned this evening as I have Munch and he has tutoring. He wanted to take me out to dinner tonight but I told him we can go on Saturday. He doesn’t have money so in essence I’m taking him out for my birthday. But, it is a mommy/son date night and I’m thankful for each and every one of the memories we make.

It’s 2019 loves and I want to thank you for following me and being on this journey with me. One more year done and I’m praying that it is better than the last. There is value in choosing you first. Be blessed loves!




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Happy New Year! It’s 2019

Happy New Year!

It’s another year and another opportunity for progress. That’s all we can hope for. We are not looking for perfection. Just get in the race and improve your score. Trust me it helps. I’m learning to not focus on the overwhelming tasks but to take things bit by bit. It will get done.

One of my goals for 2019 is to make more memories. I’m going to be 44 in two days and there are so many things that I want to experience. I want to fall in love again and I want to go on vacation this year with Munch. I need to get to planning.

I have some goals that I’m trying to get to but I’ll share more about them later. I just want to say to each and every one of you…May your dreams be brighter, your soul lighter and your heart heavier with the love you feel for others this year. I love you all.


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