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The Truth Hurts

Last week when I was driving Munch to school he and I were talking and suddenly I lost my train of thought. Munch being his ever observant self noticed that I cut the conversation short. He asked me what I was trying to say. I said “I can’t remember Munch.” I said “Mommy’s getting older and sometimes when I’m doing more than one thing I can lose my train of thought.” He said “You’re not old Mommy.” I laughed and said “Yes, son, I am. I’m 44 and as hard as I try, I will forget things.” He was upset and said “No, Mommy you’re not old. Nanna is old (my mother). Mamma Lennie (my grandmother) is old.” I couldn’t stop laughing. I said “Munch, my mom and grandma are not that old.” He said “Yes, they are. Look, I’m not trying to be funny but sometimes the truth hurts and the truth is that they are old but you are not old.”

I couldn’t stop laughing. He’s 10 and he’s talking about sometimes the truth hurt. But, I thought about the truth in what he said and you know what? He was right. Sometimes the truth hurts. We spend so much of our lives trying to get the right words to say the right things to people thinking of how we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings – and the truth gets lost in trying to frame it right. But, isn’t it true that no matter what you try to do in life, the truth will sometimes hurt?

It’s not intentional. It just does. Think about the time when someone was truthful to you about something. Was it your outfit, appearance, body of work, etc? Did it hurt? Maybe. However, if you value honesty, you got over it. You thanked God for another day. You moved on.

When you try to pretty up the facts the truth can get lost in translation. I think that’s why I’ve always been a straight shooter. I stand on truth.  I want Munch to stand on truth. To be kind but to be honest. Your word matters.

So, 2019 has me examining the truth in everything and everyone. My son gets his directness from me. It’s not something that I want to change in him. I just pray that as he grows he continues to deliver the truth in everything he says. That he stands on his words and that they are truthful.


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  1. I definitely agree with the sentiment here, but I want to add that a lot of time the “truth” is really someone’s opinion. Munch doesn’t think you’re old; you do; he thinks his grandparents are old…all opinions, which should be taken with a grain of salt 😉


  2. This is priceless lolz! I agree with Munch—you are not old! I truly believe old and young are mindsets. I had the honor of witnessing a 93 year “old” women live that to be her own truth. You are so right though, the truth does hurt—but only when it is something deep down that we already know and are trying to avoid. Like when I am dead set on wearing an outfit that I know is borderline way pass eccentric, somewhere near tacky, and I ask Frank how it looks and he is just like NO! X-D …Maybe you are just feeling the exhaustion of life? Eh, but like K E acknowledged, everyone has opinions, and that is simply my opinion. ♥

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  3. Yes, truth hurts, especially when it comes from people we don’t fancy much. But then, we hurt ourselves more if we do not accept the truth.

    As per always speaking the truth, we should do it in love. It makes it hurt less.

    Regards to your smart boy, Munch.

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