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Back to School

Last week was the first day of school. It was exciting and both happy and sad at the same time. Does that make sense? I mean that my son is growing so fast and I’m just not ready but at the same time I can’t wait to see this little human that was in my stomach grow up and live his best life knowing that I did my best. Weird huh?


He’s at this interesting stage where his feet have grown so much and although he’s tall he hasn’t hit puberty yet. He’s in a size 10 1/2 men’s shoe. He’s 11. Pray that I can afford to keep him in tennis shoes with his growing size. He has the best disposition though.


He’s smart, thoughtful and a great humanitarian. I’m super proud of the young man that he’s becoming and I wish him much success as he tackles middle school with his new Avengers lunch box. Apparently that was cool when we bought it this summer, but now it’s maybe not as cool? I laughed. He asked for a Sonic lunchbox.

This school year he’ll see more independence as I allow him to wake up on his own with an alarm. I’ll start teaching him to catch the bus home. I will still give him good morning kisses when he wakes and have us utter our morning thanks to God for another day lived.


Here’s a photo of his first day of school:


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