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Musings of a Lost Labor Day

This is the first year in the last few years that I haven’t been home in Tennessee celebrating Labor Day with my family. I’m off today. I’m preparing for Munch’s first day of middle school tomorrow. I’m figuring out dinner tonight and I’ve spent the weekend resting because my allergies were bad this week. Sigh. I miss being home.


I missed the family BBQ yesterday, the family love and the hugs of knowing that Munch and I are part of a family that is rich in history and love. It’s bittersweet.  I couldn’t afford to go home this year because I had to pay an attorney for my never ending custody battle. It wasn’t financially feasible. Hard choices.

I love my family. I miss them desperately and just want to feel my grandmother’s arms around me one more time. What I realized is that no matter what happens in my life I’m just Keetha to them. A part of a wonderful group of crazy, weird and loving people that make me want to be better. They always welcome us home with so much love.

tenor (1)

Munch and I are still in Maryland this year. Not with them. I am sending hugs, kisses and lots of prayer to them from afar. We’ll be there soon. We are giving my grandmother a 90th birthday celebration Mother’s Day weekend 2020. Munch and I will travel home and experience what we missed this weekend.

I’m totally excited. I can’t wait! Have a happy Labor Day!



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