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Monday Motivation

Happy Monday Folks!


I know, I know…Some of you probably woke up angry, frustrated, sick or disappointed by things that are happening in your life. It’s cool though because I want you to focus on one main thing today…

You woke up.

You did.


Someone didn’t.

It’s not that bad.


Remember that trouble don’t last always and that we are stronger than our situations. Do not get discouraged sweet heart with the angst’s of this world. You are invaluable and invincible and I’m happy to know you.


Be incredible today.

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  1. I LOVE THIS!! My absolute favourite line……..”But did you die?” I use that one on my kids all the time and it annoys the hell out of them.
    You are so right, a lot of people roll outta bed angry, frustrated, sick or disappointed! But guess what, the day is still AWESOME!!

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    1. Yes, and sometimes we need to motivate each other as a reminder that you simply woke up so be thankful. Thank you for responding and following. I’m following you too and can’t wait to interact.

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