I Was Bored

So I was bored right? I decided to do my daily stroll on Facebook and take one of those dang quizzes. Why? Because I was bored. Like I said.

Anywho, this particular quiz caught my attention because it was entitled, “What Does Your Birthday Say About the Way You Love”. You see how I could be intrigued right? I wanted to know if there was some merit to the results. You know what? It was.

I’m the Giver. It said:

You’re the giver! You’re driven by a strong and selfless desire to please your lovers. You’re affectionate, considerate and go above and beyond to make the object of your desire feel like the center of the universe. When you fall in love, your entire world is turned upside in search of harmony and balance. And oh how you bring grace, balance and harmony with you wherever you go! You may be obsessed with fairness and justice as it relates to others and to marriage partners. For you, relationships must be perfect or they are nothing, and you’re always willing to go the extra mile to be perfect.

Yep, there’s some truth to this. I don’t believe in perfection, but I am always in search of harmony and balance. I am obsessed with fairness and justice (look at my voting record) and I always go the extra mile in relationships. Boredom done. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Happy Friday folks!