Not Even Superman Texts Faster Than A Pissed-off Girlfriend

So…. yeah about that pissed off girlfriend… who texts so fast that you can’t even get one text out before she’s already sent 5. And I when I say 5… I mean 5 loooong texts. You know the ones… your cell phone provider can’t handle the length so they break them up into different texts while you’re still trying to compose one!

Yeah, I’ve been that guy… I’m a generally fast texter, but not one male on the planet earth, matches the raw texting speed of a pissed off girlfriend (or wife). It’s like, in that moment, nothing else matters to her. It’s gets so bad you just stop responding and wait for that brief pause, so you can press send on your 1 measly text.

I’ve gotten so frustrated, that I just put my phone down and let the notifications go off. At that moment when they stop… you pick your phone up, and another one comes through (face palm). So… most men know, when this happens, you have seriously f’d-up. So what’s your next move? You send back a text with 10 words, vs. the 10,000 she sent—and she responds…”that’s all you have to say?”

At that very moment, you have no words… just a blank stare.

Homer-Blank Stare

You start to type in your response, and you stop, read what you typed, and delete it. Then, you start again, stop, and delete it. This redundant process goes on for the next 15 minutes. No sent text, no reply, no rebuttal. If you do happen to press send, you’ve reviewed what you typed like the editor of a world famous magazine.

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no dammit, it’s your girlfriend trying to get her point across.

My advice?

Let her.


#Thursday Thoughts – 7.6.17

Sending cool thoughts on a humid Thursday.

How are you? How was your weekend? Can you believe that it is almost Friday? Ugh! Summer months seem to fly by.

I hope you’ve noticed and enjoyed over the last three weeks that I’ve been sharing snippets of my fertility journey. My life. My past. My process to getting to baby. My hope is that my story will help you understand that the road to giving birth to Munch wasn’t easy, but neither was I. Life has a way of letting you choose how to live it. In fear or in faith. You’ll be able to see how I swayed back and forth in both.

Munch returns to me tomorrow and I’m super excited. I have missed my son something crazy. We have a busy weekend with a picnic on Saturday and a pool play date on Sunday afternoon. We are also going to the circus next Thursday.

I enjoyed a couple of days of rest and relaxation on Monday only to return to work yesterday and hear all about the drama of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. If you hadn’t heard…chile Google search the drama. He spilled all the dang tea on her and their relationship. I decided to write a post with some lessons learned. Check for it tomorrow.

There seems to be a lot of work to do and so little time to do it. I’m muddling along. Life is good. I am good. Munch is good. I pray that you are good as well.

I leave you with these #ThursdayThoughts



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Yelp Is Not Facebook

I have a gripe. A rant really. When the heck did Yelp become like Facebook and wanting you to have Friends? I love Yelp. Yelp is a website that helps people find great local businesses like dentists, restaurants, hair stylists and mechanics. Pretty much everything.

I use Yelp a lot when I want to go and check out a new restaurant. I want to read the reviews and look at the pictures of the food that people received. A review and a photo always helps me to determine if it is worth my dime or my time.

Mr. C and I used Yelp when we went to Miami last year. We ate at restaurants that had been reviewed on Yelp and had the best food and service. It was heaven.

We had walked into a Cuban spot for breakfast and the waitress asked how we found the restaurant and I told her that they had great reviews on Yelp. She was excited and told the owner. I told her that is how I eat when I’m trying something new. Yelp never lies.

So, I was surprised when I realized that I had friend requests from people on Yelp. What? Why? Did I know you personally? Why do we need to be friends on Yelp? We’re not friends in real life. Isn’t this just weird?


Needless to say, it is weird as hell to me. Yelp is not Facebook and I don’t need to be friends with strangers. Social media has gotten out of control.


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Random: 3 Things About Me

As a woman who wears many hats, titles and plays many roles I wanted to educate you on some of the things that I stand for. This is not an inclusive list of everything, but I wanted to share a piece of me with you. Here are 3 things you should know about me:

  1. I am a mother. This is by far the most important role I will ever play. I received an Academy Award when I became a mother. It is the most difficult role I will ever play and I have to develop the character of my son who plays the supporting actor of our family each and every day. Motherhood is not always going to be roses, but I promise to be the best person I can mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. This doesn’t mean I won’t make mistakes, forget to do somethings or suffer guilt over the decisions I make. Parents aren’t perfect.
  2. I am an avid reader. I love to read. I actually try to read a book every couple of weeks. It gets hard sometimes because life gets in the way with writing and raising a son, but reading is the key to who I am. I love to learn about new cultures and ideologies. Reading is something I’m passing on to munch. I inherited my love of books and reading from my mom so I hope that my gift to my son is the same.
  3. I am a black feminist. This seems to frighten some folks. Why do I say that I am a black feminist? Because I’m black and I’m a feminist. They are not separate. This is my reality. I don’t hate white people or any people for that fact. I don’t hate men. I’m raising a boy who will become a man. I am against the injustices that threaten all people. Whether from race, gender or class. I will fight for the rights of all.


There are many more things that make up the whole of me, but I wanted to share 3 today.

Happy Friday!

I Was Bored

So I was bored right? I decided to do my daily stroll on Facebook and take one of those dang quizzes. Why? Because I was bored. Like I said.

Anywho, this particular quiz caught my attention because it was entitled, “What Does Your Birthday Say About the Way You Love”. You see how I could be intrigued right? I wanted to know if there was some merit to the results. You know what? It was.

I’m the Giver. It said:

You’re the giver! You’re driven by a strong and selfless desire to please your lovers. You’re affectionate, considerate and go above and beyond to make the object of your desire feel like the center of the universe. When you fall in love, your entire world is turned upside in search of harmony and balance. And oh how you bring grace, balance and harmony with you wherever you go! You may be obsessed with fairness and justice as it relates to others and to marriage partners. For you, relationships must be perfect or they are nothing, and you’re always willing to go the extra mile to be perfect.

Yep, there’s some truth to this. I don’t believe in perfection, but I am always in search of harmony and balance. I am obsessed with fairness and justice (look at my voting record) and I always go the extra mile in relationships. Boredom done. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Happy Friday folks!