Dating Chronicles: When to Walk Away

Knowing when to walk away from a situation is probably one of the basic things you learn when dating. Whether it be on-line or not, sometimes you have to look at a situation as hopeless, count it as a loss and move on. That was the case in this one situation.

This gentleman and I had been conversing on-line back and forth for a couple of days last month. I was probably just interacting out of habit. I really wasn’t interested, but I kept the conversation going. Well, he was telling me that I had dropped off while he was talking to me. I explained that I wasn’t feeling well. He then stated “how is your condition now?” Say what now? What condition?

I was offended. When did being under the weather translate into me having some kind of condition? Too much. I was taken aback and trying to “read him” and respond back to another gentleman who had sent a cool introduction and guess what happened? I messed up. I showed my hand so to speak. LOL.

Ah, the joys of dating. Check out the conversation below.


This man’s name is not Kirk. That was someone else. Yep, I laughed hysterically at the faux pas and kept it moving. Sometimes in life you have to know when a situation is hopeless and walk away. Which is the case with this gentleman. I walked away.


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