Boys Have Cooties

As luck would have it, my son got ringworm a couple of weeks ago. He was staying at his dad’s house. It was the Tuesday after Memorial Day and I get a call from the school nurse.

I was in a meeting and she left me a message saying that munch had what appeared to be ringworm on his face and that she’s put a bandage on it. She said we needed to come and get him from school and that he couldn’t come back until it was cleared up.

(Sidebar) This was going through my mind as I’m listening to the message:

Really? How did he get ringworm? He was fine when I dropped him at his dad’s house on Saturday. What happened between Saturday and Tuesday? This is so gross. I can’t believe my precious boy has something like that on his face. EWWW! Let me call his dad.

Conversation with my son’s dad:

Me:  The school nurse called and left me a voicemail while I was in a meeting. You need to go and get munch. He has ringworm.

Baby Daddy: Really? I thought I saw something on his face on Sunday. That’s what it was? Well, why didn’t she call me? I mean I’m on the call list.

Me: (Silent thoughts in my head – You saw something on his face and you didn’t call me?). I don’t know. I’m the mom. She left the message 20 minutes ago. I guess she figured I would handle it. Are you going to get him?

Baby Daddy: Yeah, but I’m mad. It’s not like he has an absent father. I mean I’m here and she should have called me when she couldn’t reach you.

Me: It wasn’t life or death. Stop overreacting. Do you want me to call the pediatrician to see if I can get him an emergency sick visit today?

Baby Daddy:  Yes, please. I’m still wondering what is wrong with the nurse. She should have called me.

Me: Okay, well I’m sure it wasn’t personal. Let me give you the nurse’s phone number so that you can call her directly. I’ll call you back once I get the appointment.

Baby Daddy: Okay.

– Five Minutes Later – 

Me: Okay, I spoke with the pediatrician and munch has a 4 pm appointment. It’s in an hour. Can you get him and get him there?

Baby Daddy: Yeah, I got him. Let me send an email to my team.

Me: Did you speak with the nurse?

Baby Daddy: Yeah, she said that munch can’t come back until it’s clear.

Me: Okay, go and get him. Call me later and let me know what the pediatrician says.

– Ten Minutes Later – 

Announcement to my officer co-workers…My son has cooties. I think you layman’s refer to it as ringworm. I’m so grossed out right now. I hate rashes or weird looking infections and blood. I’m sterilizing his sheets and everything in the house. Oh, God! Why must my baby get cooties? What did I ever do to deserve this? I have to rush over to the medical supply store to buy gauze and surgical gloves.

– Later on that Afternoon –

Baby Daddy: Yeah, the pediatrician confirmed that it is ringworm.

Me: Really? How did he catch it?

Baby Daddy: She said that there are hundreds of place. Told me to put Lamisil on it and keep it covered but that he could go back to school tomorrow. She gave me a note.

Me: How’s my baby? Is he okay? Is he in pain?

Baby Daddy: No, he’s fine. Stop worrying.

Me: Can you please send me a photo so that I can be prepared?

Baby Daddy: Sure


So, munch has cooties. I scratched a little too irrationally (cause I’m a hypochondriac), wore surgical gloves and was totally grossed out, but I took care of his little ring worm infected body. He’s such a trooper. Me, not so much. I love that little guy though.

Aww, the joys of parenting!


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