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Random: 3 Things About Me

As a woman who wears many hats, titles and plays many roles I wanted to educate you on some of the things that I stand for. This is not an inclusive list of everything, but I wanted to share a piece of me with you. Here are 3 things you should know about me:

  1. I am a mother. This is by far the most important role I will ever play. I received an Academy Award when I became a mother. It is the most difficult role I will ever play and I have to develop the character of my son who plays the supporting actor of our family each and every day. Motherhood is not always going to be roses, but I promise to be the best person I can mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. This doesn’t mean I won’t make mistakes, forget to do somethings or suffer guilt over the decisions I make. Parents aren’t perfect.
  2. I am an avid reader. I love to read. I actually try to read a book every couple of weeks. It gets hard sometimes because life gets in the way with writing and raising a son, but reading is the key to who I am. I love to learn about new cultures and ideologies. Reading is something I’m passing on to munch. I inherited my love of books and reading from my mom so I hope that my gift to my son is the same.
  3. I am a black feminist. This seems to frighten some folks. Why do I say that I am a black feminist? Because I’m black and I’m a feminist. They are not separate. This is my reality. I don’t hate white people or any people for that fact. I don’t hate men. I’m raising a boy who will become a man. I am against the injustices that threaten all people. Whether from race, gender or class. I will fight for the rights of all.


There are many more things that make up the whole of me, but I wanted to share 3 today.

Happy Friday!

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