The Humpback Whale

So, I have to tell you something. When I get tired of the men in my life zapping my creative juices by wasting my time with their existence (Okay, a little harsh I know) I can always find something more worthwhile to occupy my time. That being said, prior to dating Mr. K I had decided that I would just focus on raising a beautiful little boy and changing the world.

By doing what? Focusing all my energy on the dang humpback whales. I mean they are endangered right? Well, sort of. I actually googled the endangered species list and tried to figure out what species were endangered so that I can be politically correct in my focus to save marine life. I even decided that I would redesign my logo in 2016 of me in a wet suit holding/petting/posing next to the endangered species I had selected. Something fun. You follow me right?

Well, let’s just say that after doing some research I found out that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries is proposing to revise the Endangered Species Act (ESA) listing for the humpback whale. Essentially there are 14 distinct population segments and they want to list 2 as threatened and 2 as endangered and not list the other 10. Okay, so can I focus on these 4 threatened or endangered whales? Ugh!

It was pretty exhausting! I think I just gave up and realized that I would focus on something a little closer to home. I love the whales and all, but am I ready to be a whale guru? I mean I can’t even help munch with his first grade science project on photosynthesis.

Until next time!



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