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TBT – Munch’s First Year

Hi Everyone,

In reminiscing about my baby growing up I decided to do a Throwback Thursday (TBT) posting on my munch. Munch is now 7, but when he was first born, I was in awe. I’m still in awe today, but I have a more laid back, you won’t know I’m in awe because you’ll probably use it to your advantage approach with him. His first year was filled with so many wonderful things and the best two that happened was his dedication and his first birthday party.

Munch was dedicated at our church at six months old. He was the cutest and fattest six month old ever. My church doesn’t use water to dedicate children. We pray over the child and affirm our ability to lead and guide children to Christ so that they can make the decision to be baptized on their own at some point.

This was a big deal for us because his dad and I met at church. We were in the same church choir, youth group and got married in that church. So, it was essentially coming full circle. We were surrounded by friends and family who had flown in as far as California to take part in this blessed event with a reception that followed afterwards.

His first birthday was in spectacular form as well because we invited everyone and their mom literally. Munch was still learning to walk and had fallen a couple of days before at day care and scratched his nose. I freaked. His first birthday is right around the corner. No way I thought. But, in the end it was the biggest brown eyes and sweetest smile that I remembered. Not the scratch on his nose. Okay, I’m lying. You can still see the scratch. LOL!

Here are some of my memories:












  1. What an adorable little boy… and a beautiful family you have. I’ve never heard baptism called *dedicate* see I learn something new everyday from reading all of your wonderful blogs. Great post and again what a cutie.

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