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In Other Poor Excuses News

In other poor excuses for being fired because you’re an assumed racist, Gerod Roth (who goes by the name of Geris Hilton on Facebook), claims that he was a victim. A victim of being profiled as a racist because of his friends. Scratching your head yet? Okay, here’s the deal….Gerod is was an employee of Polaris Marketing Group in Atlanta, Georgia. He  took a selfie that included him and his co-worker’s child. See that cute little brown baby in the background? He posted the selfie on his personal Facebook page and made it the profile picture.

He didn’t get the mother’s permission to take and post a picture of her child on his Facebook page, but let’s assume that he thought they were friends and she was okay with it. Right? Wrong. They weren’t Facebook friends. She didn’t get tagged in the photo. If she had she would have received the shock of her lives. Why? Because check out what HIS FRIENDS had to say about the photo…



Mad yet? I was. How dare someone allow the ignorance of their friends to be played out on their personal Facebook page. Delete them. Call them out on their racist behavior. Take a stand. Nope. You do nothing.

And then you have the nerve to say that you are a victim. A victim of what sir? White Privilege? Entitlement? Being a Butt? The fact that you in essence condoned the behavior of your friends means that you are not a victim sir. He is a 3-year-old child. A black boy who by definition of growing up in this country will be labeled a thug or feared. Oh, but not before he gets insulted and accused of being a slave and you are his slave owner.

Side bar:  White Privilege is the obliviousness to race. Read one author’s definition of her white privilege…

Some have said that being white means never having to think about it. White privilege is the privilege of obliviousness to race. It enables me, as a white person, to go through most of my life easily avoiding the feeling of discomfort that I experienced when I joined Regina at her table in the dining hall.

White privilege is also the privilege of invisible preference. It is the privilege of going to the movies, turning the television on, or reading the paper and seeing people of your race widely represented. It is the privilege of not having to tell your children that they have to be twice as good in school in order to be perceived the same. It is the privilege of not receiving “the talk” from your father — or conversely, not having to give it to your pre-teen son — in order to learn and teach about the life and death dangers of standing up to certain police. – Rachel Lasser, Huffington Post

You can watch the video here where he explains being a victim:

As I watched the video I knew at that moment that this man was suffering from a case of white privilege and entitlement. How could we accuse him of being a racist? He can’t control his friends. He is a victim too. Right? Wrong! He’s not stupid and then he made matters worse. He posted that the little boy was feral.  Feral? Really? However, he said that “feral” was assumed to be racist and I guess it’s not by his admission.

I’m sorry, calling someone else’s child feral in the context of the hate posts that were circulating on your post is racist. Dictionary. com defines feral as:



1. existing in a natural state, as animals or plants; not domesticated or cultivated; wild.

2. having reverted to the wild state, as from domestication: a pack of feral dogs roaming the woods.

3. of or characteristic of wild animals; ferocious; brutal.

Anything about the definition reads warm and fuzzy by referring to someone’s child as feral? Dude, you are wrong! Own it and stop trying to play the victim. Too many people want to breathe  foul and claim they were a victim when they get caught doing shady things. This was someone’s child. You are someone’s child and if I was your mother I would beat the holy heck out of you.

This man has lost his job and the company decided to stand with the mother on this one thankfully. He has insulted a mother and her child and all the other mothers out here wondering what we would have done if that were my child. He is not a victim. The little boy (whose name is Cayden) is a victim.

Let’s remember that you are judged by the company you keep. If you hang out with a bunch of racists and they boldly post on your Facebook page, you my friend are a racist….but only on Facebook right? Not in everyday life.

Privilege. Some are born with it.Others are not.


  1. Tikeetha

    I am proud of you for airing this, calling into question the actions, sounding out issues he may not be cognizant of (too bad we cannot just wish him away to a society where whites are the minority, have a history that makes confidence and assertiveness harder to come by, so that he could really appreciate how callous his acts are)
    If you have never experienced prejudice, being judged on grounds other than your own person, it is hard to know the harm you do when you act with prejudice
    Good work


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