Where Am I?

Where Am I? I don’t know. It’s a simple question. But, I struggle to answer. Why? Because it seems that I am nowhere, but somewhere. Where? I don’t know.

I guess I would say that I am somewhere between bliss and exhaustion. Heaven and hell. Uncertainty. Indecisiveness. The location evades my consciousness.

So much has happened. In the world. In my life. In Charlottesville. Sigh. I can’t.

I’m tired ya’ll. You know that I’m tired of living in a society that values ignorance over humanity. I’m tired of living in a country where the color of my skin matters more than the content of my character. I’m tired of having to talk to my son about racial bias and yet educate him on the realities of racism.

He’s 9.

He still believes in the tooth fairy. He still believes in Santa Claus. He is innocent. I have to protect him. So, I decided that I needed to take a break.

I unplugged.

I took some time to gather my thoughts, pray and re-center myself. School starts next month and so does my busy season. I have to get it together. No more drama. No more negativity sucking away at my time, money or life.

One foot in front of the other.

I march.

Slowly and with determination and uphill. It doesn’t matter. Life is what is. No crystal stair, but there are stairs to climb.

I can’t stop.

I won’t stop.


Fighting for Munch.

Fighting for you.

Fighting for me.

Fighting for everyone.

My break has allowed me the opportunity to reflect on my journey and recenter my expectations. To realign my goals and just breathe this sometimes heavy atmosphere into my lungs and exhale the fear and frustrations.

Can I just tell you that I was tired ya’ll?

I’ve joined so many Facebook groups trying to learn and align myself with my tribes. To inspire others. To let people know that sometimes the enemy we face is our own self. When we look in that mirror and realize that we are blocking our own blessings. We have to be accountable. We have to hold each other accountable. Only then will we feel the shift.

The shift in our perspective.

We have to heal. We have to be better. We have to see that change is gonna come if we believe.

Be blessed loves!

You were all missed.


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Better Days

So much tragedy. It’s hard being a parent right now. Tragedy everywhere. May is graduation and prom for most colleges and high schools. It is supposed to be a reminder of the future. Your life begins once you leave those hallways. Or so it is assumed.

I read the horrific story earlier this month about an 8 year old boy named Gabriel Taye that had killed himself two days after being bullied. He was 8. A baby. The same age as my son.

The story last week of Kingston Frazier who was 6 years old and had been shot. His mother ran into the store at 1:15 a.m. and left her car running and the keys in it. Why? I couldn’t figure out why she would do that until I realized that her child was sleeping and it was probably hot outside and she wanted the air to run to keep him cool. Her car was stolen by three teenage boys. Her son was murdered.

The story of Lt. Richard Collins III who was murdered on the campus of my Alma Mater. No reason. Waiting for an Uber with some friends at the bus stop. A white student unprovoked attacked and killed him. Collins was a model student who was just commissioned as a second lieutenant. Set to graduate from another college three days after being murdered. Model citizen.

What do all these people have in common? They are all dead.  They are all boys. Two were murdered by other people. They are all black.

As a mother, my heart breaks as I think about my son growing up and leaving the safe confines of my house. Is it unreasonable? Nope. Given the state of this country, I would argue that it is very reasonable. I worry when he exits my home and goes to school. Schools aren’t safe anymore. Sandy Hook reminded me of that.

I worry because of the color of his skin. That beautiful caramel colored skin is a badge of honor. A combining of complexions of his father and I that reproduced and created this gorgeous melanin he proudly wears. I love it, but I monitor his toys. No toy guns. They are not safe. Tamir Rice reminded me of that.

I worry because he is sensitive. Too sensitive. He cares about other children, but I’m trying to thicken his skin. Teach him how to trash talk. Teach him how to defend himself.  To stand for right and be a good human being. But, he’s experienced bullying. No matter how much you try to protect your children they may fall victim to bullying. Bullies can hurt you beyond belief. Gabriel Taye’s death reminded me of that.

Do I overreact and not let him play in the neighborhood? Yep. Do I live in a bad neighborhood? Nope. But, I don’t trust strangers. Not with my Munch. I don’t leave him in the car. He begs to stay sometimes. He doesn’t like going in the store. Fear grips me but I make him come. Someone could steal the car, take it. I don’t care. Not my son though. So, I never leave him alone. We have to be vigilant about protecting our children. Kingston Frazier reminded me that my being overprotective is not in vain.

All the things that I can give and experiences I can provide that will make him a well rounded young man may not help him. I’m already looking into the top high schools in the area. A better opportunity. A future. A chance to go to college and make something of yourself. You are better than you think and smarter than you’ll ever know. Be of good character. Stay out of trouble. Pray. Give it to God. Lead by example. All those things may not be enough. Lt. Richard Collins III taught me that.

These are perilous times. So many tragedies. So many parents having to bury their children. It’s not supposed to be that way. We are supposed to smile as our children get married. Laugh and love on our grandchildren. Be their support system when bad things happen. We’re not supposed to bury our children. We’re not supposed to pick out suits or a coffin.

Life isn’t fair. I know this. Tragedy happens everywhere. I get this. But, oh I pray for better days. We need them.




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Baggage Check: Racism

So, the other day I received a comment on my post Dear White People that needed to be approved. I read the comment and sent that garbage to spam. Why? Because this is my blog and I don’t allow your BS or baggage on it. Writer’s prerogative.

I go check out the page of the person and was shocked that WordPress even allows this foolishness here:  https://vikingstrongman.wordpress.com/. This person is a white supremacist talking that racist BS that will destroy America and allow you the anonymity that you can claim in cyber world. Let me be clear, I don’t do racism or white supremacy. Not in real life or in cyberspace.


He’s referring to blacks as niggers. Really? So, it takes a real man to hide in cyberspace and try to fuel the hate in so many people. Be authentic in your hate. Show your face. Spread your hate without a white robe.


Let me be clear…I am about the inclusiveness of all people and no race is better than another. We were all created by one God and are descendants of Adam and Eve. I don’t care who you voted for (because I serve a Heavenly Father) and I will not allow people to disrespect me or my space. If you want to blame everything going on in the world on everyone else then check yourself.


I don’t fear terrorists from other countries when we raise more terrorists in America than those that enter our borders. The face of terrorism to me is not brown. Take your hatred of all those that seek peace and kick rocks. We will not go quietly in the night.


This election has allowed those white supremacists to show their true colors and think that it is acceptable to disrespect people of color. It is not. I will not allow you to come for me or my family. I will not allow you to disrespect any group that I support (women, children, men, veteran’s, the LGBQT family, people of color or any other group). We are one. United we stand.




What Can I Say?

I know it’s been a while since I wrote a post. Please forgive me. Life got in the way. I went to sleep the night of Tuesday, November 8th praying that God’s will be done in the presidential election. I awoke the next day realizing that Donald Trump had won the election. Wow! I sighed. I cried. I felt defeated.


I said “God, you are Sovereign. Your will be done.” It was. I’ve come to terms with it. Accepted it. Released all pain and fear to the one who leads my life. He knows what’s going on. I choose to trust in Him.


That being said, I am like many of you. I will not tolerate any form of discrimination, fear or hate. I will not go quietly in the night and allow bullies to rule the land where my ancestors died. Can’t you hear it?



Freedom from tyranny and oppression. Freedom from racism and misogyny. Freedom from bullies. I will and I can live in the country where I was born. I will pray. I will trust in the almighty.


I am but one of many. I have a voice. I have witnessed the hate crimes being shown in the media. It’s heartbreaking. It’s scary. But, I will survive. You will survive. We will survive. If we unite together. We are one.



Saturday Thoughts

Hey Loves,

Thank you for the wonderful and encouraging responses to my post entitled Dear White People. I love you all. You give me hope that we can be the change that I hope my son will see in this world.

I wanted to share with you some observations that we all do….

  1. We all make generalizations. We all have preconceived notions about someone the minute we see them. You don’t? Stop lying. Prime example – I had a vendor come in and speak with me about the graphics for my guide they are doing. I had never met the vendor and thought a gentleman was meeting me. It was a woman. No biggie. When I see the woman she was elderly and on a cane. Now, my first thought is why is this woman still working and is she really a graphic artist. My second was would she be able to deliver? Do you see how I made judgement about someone based off their outward appearance? People do it all the time especially with skin color.
  2. Referring to people by the color of their skin. This happens to all of us. Another blogger pointed that out and I said it happens mainly when I have two friends that have the same name and are of different races. If I was telling you what my friend Karen said and you know of both Karen’s most would ask which Karen. Now, let’s be real…do you know anybody’s last name unless they are a personal and close friend? Probably not. So, I would have to say my white girlfriend Karen or my black girlfriend Karen. Then you would be able to recall which Karen. That’s not racist or mean. I totally get it. You won’t have the problem when talking about me because how many of you know more than one Tikeetha? I’m waiting….

Finally, some great words from my fellow blogger Afrika Bohemian. I love this woman right here. She shares her world through her blog and I am always learning something new about her Tribe. Check her out if you haven’t. These were her words…

So to all my beautiful sun kissed brothers and sisters, going through hell because of the color of their skin. A line from one of the ancient African praise poems (translation is rough): “beautiful children of the soil, the ones carried for years in a black baby sling made of skin, children of color, of the hues of the earth and of life may you love your color and know that it is the color of the bark of the wild berry trees, a color of those who are friends with the sun).


Assault at Spring Valley High

Please Note: This post has a video clip. If you are receiving this post via email, please click on the title and read it from my site directly to see the videos.


By now many of you have seen the video of the school resources officer, Deputy Ben Fields, in Richland County, South Carolina and the violent way in which he called himself removing a student. A FEMALE student. Can you believe it? Do you understand why I scream #BLACKLIVESMATTER?


This is ridiculous! I’m outraged that a man is using excessive force on a CHILD. We are trying to teach our children that bullying is wrong and this dang officer is the bully. He’s using a badge to use brute force on our children.

Haven’t seen the video? Check it out here:

Do you see why our black children are afraid of law enforcement? Do you see why our black children are taught that if you encounter a white cop that you just be compliant and not resist? The child didn’t resist. She just shut down. This law official just threw her like she was a rag doll. As a human being you can’t tell me that he was justified in any way. He is a MONSTER!

Apparently, she was being disruptive. Disruptive! She was disruptive because she had her phone out. Are you serious? Disruptive means that you get to be dragged out with brute force and thrown around the room like a rag doll because you had pulled your cell phone out? No, it doesn’t.

This child was a victim of police brutality and this officer should lose his badge at the very least. I am too angry to think what I would have done if this man had manhandled my niece. I can’t find words to describe the pain I feel watching this video.

When you watch the video notice how the children don’t move or seem shocked that this is happening. What the heck is going on in this school? What about the teacher? Where the heck is the educator to not speak up or try to intervene on this child’s behalf? Aren’t you partly to blame? You like to watch children being manhandled with excessive force by a man who looks like he’s on steroids?

I send my son to school to get an education. To become a productive educated young man who will make a difference. To not be a victim of police brutality. I can’t help when he walks out the door and gets accosted walking because he’s black, but dang my tax payer dollars don’t support police brutality in the school.

I am praying for that young girl. I’m praying for the children in that class who didn’t seem shocked to see this kind of behavior and I’m praying that every human rights organization from the ACLU to the NAACP find out what kind of education and force are being used on our children at that school and fire every last person.

Is there any place our children are safe?


In Other Poor Excuses News

In other poor excuses for being fired because you’re an assumed racist, Gerod Roth (who goes by the name of Geris Hilton on Facebook), claims that he was a victim. A victim of being profiled as a racist because of his friends. Scratching your head yet? Okay, here’s the deal….Gerod is was an employee of Polaris Marketing Group in Atlanta, Georgia. He  took a selfie that included him and his co-worker’s child. See that cute little brown baby in the background? He posted the selfie on his personal Facebook page and made it the profile picture.

He didn’t get the mother’s permission to take and post a picture of her child on his Facebook page, but let’s assume that he thought they were friends and she was okay with it. Right? Wrong. They weren’t Facebook friends. She didn’t get tagged in the photo. If she had she would have received the shock of her lives. Why? Because check out what HIS FRIENDS had to say about the photo…



Mad yet? I was. How dare someone allow the ignorance of their friends to be played out on their personal Facebook page. Delete them. Call them out on their racist behavior. Take a stand. Nope. You do nothing.

And then you have the nerve to say that you are a victim. A victim of what sir? White Privilege? Entitlement? Being a Butt? The fact that you in essence condoned the behavior of your friends means that you are not a victim sir. He is a 3-year-old child. A black boy who by definition of growing up in this country will be labeled a thug or feared. Oh, but not before he gets insulted and accused of being a slave and you are his slave owner.

Side bar:  White Privilege is the obliviousness to race. Read one author’s definition of her white privilege…

Some have said that being white means never having to think about it. White privilege is the privilege of obliviousness to race. It enables me, as a white person, to go through most of my life easily avoiding the feeling of discomfort that I experienced when I joined Regina at her table in the dining hall.

White privilege is also the privilege of invisible preference. It is the privilege of going to the movies, turning the television on, or reading the paper and seeing people of your race widely represented. It is the privilege of not having to tell your children that they have to be twice as good in school in order to be perceived the same. It is the privilege of not receiving “the talk” from your father — or conversely, not having to give it to your pre-teen son — in order to learn and teach about the life and death dangers of standing up to certain police. – Rachel Lasser, Huffington Post

You can watch the video here where he explains being a victim:

As I watched the video I knew at that moment that this man was suffering from a case of white privilege and entitlement. How could we accuse him of being a racist? He can’t control his friends. He is a victim too. Right? Wrong! He’s not stupid and then he made matters worse. He posted that the little boy was feral.  Feral? Really? However, he said that “feral” was assumed to be racist and I guess it’s not by his admission.

I’m sorry, calling someone else’s child feral in the context of the hate posts that were circulating on your post is racist. Dictionary. com defines feral as:



1. existing in a natural state, as animals or plants; not domesticated or cultivated; wild.

2. having reverted to the wild state, as from domestication: a pack of feral dogs roaming the woods.

3. of or characteristic of wild animals; ferocious; brutal.

Anything about the definition reads warm and fuzzy by referring to someone’s child as feral? Dude, you are wrong! Own it and stop trying to play the victim. Too many people want to breathe  foul and claim they were a victim when they get caught doing shady things. This was someone’s child. You are someone’s child and if I was your mother I would beat the holy heck out of you.

This man has lost his job and the company decided to stand with the mother on this one thankfully. He has insulted a mother and her child and all the other mothers out here wondering what we would have done if that were my child. He is not a victim. The little boy (whose name is Cayden) is a victim.

Let’s remember that you are judged by the company you keep. If you hang out with a bunch of racists and they boldly post on your Facebook page, you my friend are a racist….but only on Facebook right? Not in everyday life.

Privilege. Some are born with it.Others are not.

You’re Missing the Point

“Racism, we are not cured of it,” Mr. Obama said. “And it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say nigger in public. That’s not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. It’s not just a matter of overt discrimination. Societies don’t, overnight, completely erase everything that happened 200 to 300 years prior.” – President Barack Obama

As many of you are probably aware the proverbial s*** hit the fan earlier this week when our President used the **N** word.  Yep, let it sink in for a moment. He said “n*gger” on a radio interview and instead of focusing on the point in which he was making, the world had a field day.

Let’s be clear here…you’re missing the point of what he said. Let me translate for those folks so caught up on hearing the word that you can’t seem to get past what he said.

In plain speak “Racism still exists. There is no dang cure. Just because you don’t call me a n***** in public or show your open discrimination or dislike of me because of the color of my skin doesn’t mean that you’re not a racist and that racism doesn’t exist. (Sidebar: It also doesn’t mean that you don’t call me one when you retire to your home at night). That’s not how you measure racism.

What is wrong with what he said? Is it true? Absolutely. Can I relate? Yes. Do I walk around and call everything a race issue. No. Is everything a race issue? No. Some stuff can just be because you’re an idiot. But, the issue I have with society is that you want to act like the President can’t relate. You want him to run and hide the fact that in this country since he’s been elected racism has come full circle.  He’s a black man. The first black man elected to the most powerful job in America. He can relate.

Now, before you get your panties all in a bunch and say, “T – I’m not a racist.” No, I’m not saying you are. But, if you believe and act as though the injustices or quips that are made against black people don’t exist aren’t you just as guilty? Aren’t you saying that it doesn’t matter that people are disrespected repeatedly? Yes.

Please people, let’s stop trying to dodge the fact that there seems to be a target on the backs of our black men and women (including children). Let’s have real discussions and call people out on their discriminatory practices and acts. We don’t need the media to downplay a complete act of terrorism and try to say that it doesn’t matter.

The difference between the guy who shot up the movie theater in Colorado and the guy who went into a black church and shot up a bible study is the racial motivation. Are they both sick? Yes. Was it an act of terrorism? Yes. But, the guy who shot up the movie theater shot everyone including an infant regardless of race.

Both are tragic and both men deserve to be punished to the full extent of the law. I am praying for the families of all victims. I am sad that it seems that we keep focusing on the small inconsequential pieces of items and try to justify the crime in an effort to not talk about race. People, let’s do better.


For You

For all those who are too tired to run on.

For all those that labor tirelessly for the cause that never seems to end.

For all those that see the senseless acts of violence against my people.

For all those that know that racism is alive and present.

For all those that fight the good fight against the systematic injustices of my people.

For all those who know that the there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or no 40 acres and a mule.

For all the mothers that have buried children.

For all the fathers that fear for their sons.

For all those that see violence and oppression against our children and recognize it as terrorism.

For all those that watch our children get beaten, shot or assaulted and scream and cry in outrage.

You need to know…I AM PRAYING FOR YOU.

That your cause is just.

That your voice is being heard.

That you are supported.

That you are appreciated.

That you can worship where you choose.

That you will be safe.

That this is our country.

That the blood of your ancestors fertilized this land.





<> on June 21, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina.
<> on June 21, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina.


A man holds a sign up during a protest rally against the Confederate flag in Columbia, South Carolina on June 20, 2015. The racially divisive Confederate battle flag flew at full-mast despite others flying at half-staff in South Carolina after the killing of nine black people in an historic African-American church in Charleston on June 17. Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old white male suspected of carrying out the Emanuel African Episcopal Methodist Church bloodbath, was one of many southern Americans who identified with the 13-star saltire in red, white and blue. AFP PHOTO/MLADEN ANTONOV        (Photo credit should read MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP/Getty Images)
A man holds a sign up during a protest rally against the Confederate flag in Columbia, South Carolina on June 20, 2015. The racially divisive Confederate battle flag flew at full-mast despite others flying at half-staff in South Carolina after the killing of nine black people in an historic African-American church in Charleston on June 17. Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old white male suspected of carrying out the Emanuel African Episcopal Methodist Church bloodbath, was one of many southern Americans who identified with the 13-star saltire in red, white and blue. AFP PHOTO/MLADEN ANTONOV (Photo credit should read MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Don’t Be Blind, Racism Exists

I wasn’t going to speak on the racist chant heard all over the world, but over the course of the last few days I feel as though I have no choice. I’m angry. The foolishness that unraveled at the University of Oklahoma with the fraternity members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and their racist chant has made national news and affirmed what many people know to be true…racism is still alive and present.

What’s got me fuming is that black people can’t catch a break. I mean if you caught the fall out from “Morning Joe” you know that some conservatives blamed the foolishness that occurred on black people. Specifically black rappers. Because in their words, “The kids that are buying hip-hop it’s a white audience and they hear this over and over again.” So, they are justified right?

Heck no! They were wrong. Stop trying to look for an explanation for this racist chant that says:

“There will never be a ni**** SAE. You can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me. There will never be a ni**** SAE.” – CNN

Umm, what hip-hop song did you hear that from sir? None. Because that is not in a dang rap song. Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, responded by saying:

“Two things…the kids on that bus were not performing a rap song that they heard. They were gleefully performing one of their fraternity’s old…let’s call them anti-negro spirituals. Featuring a word that pre-dates rap and probably folk and thought. Black rappers did not introduce that word into the vernacular. And second of all how come when conservatives talk about African Americans they say “these people need to take responsibility for themselves pull up those pants and get a job? But when white people do something racist they’re all “you can’t blame them. How can those poor children know wrong from right when after being driven to madness by the irresistible power of the hippity-hoppity?” – Jon Stewart, The Daily Show

Thank you Jon Stewart. Stop blaming us for your racist attitudes and behaviors. Heck, Parker Rice admitted that the song was taught to them. Not by a black rapper or hip-hop, but their own fraternity.

“One of the students identified in a video of University of Oklahoma fraternity members reciting a racist chant said “the song was taught to us,” but Sigma Alpha Epsilon denied that the chant originated at the national organization, blaming the since-shuttered chapter.”- ABC News

Now, what I’m left wondering is where is the accountability? I get that people make mistakes. I get that people shouldn’t be judged for the rest of their lives for stuff they do, but that is life. That is the life we live now in this digital age. Your reckless behavior has people believing that you are a racist. Even if you are not, you will be judged as such.

Some of you may ask, “What about freedom of speech? Shouldn’t they be allowed to say what they want?” According to one of my classmates, yes. But, you have to face the fire, My classmate (who is one of the coolest men I know) said:

Freedom of speech guarantees them the legal right to sing their ignorant song last Saturday and every day for the rest of their lives. That by no means is a guarantee against all consequence.

No truer words. You can say what you want, but you can’t be surprised or pissed if people hate you, don’t hire you or call you a racist and wonder were you raised by animals. But, is freedom of speech the issue or is it the fact that there seems to be a systematic history of this fraternity having a “whites only” philosophy? Probably a combination of things.

We are only 50 years removed from Selma. But, you want to convince me that racism is dead? It’s not. You keep trying to blame these behaviors on isolated issues. They’re not.

But, I will just continue to fight for the injustices of the oppressed. Regardless of color. Without being ignorant to the fact that in this country where I have a black president, some people will still view me as another ni**ger.

So, I’m going to get off my soapbox now and leave you with this video by Eric Striker, the football captain of OU’s team:

Please click on the title if you are subscribing by email and can’t see this video. It is powerful.