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On the 5th Day of Christmas

What I received this year…

A healthier waist size – I never really cared for weight loss. Diets didn’t take. I hated to be restricted to anything. My weight and waist line fluctuated. I truly didn’t care. However, when I found out during my yearly physical that my glucose level was elevated and that the doctor wanted me to do a sleep study and talk about my levels I started to get concerned. I refuse to be on medication and I am my own best advocate. What can I do to get myself in order? My weight and waist were affecting my health so I had one thought…Time to get my fat a** to the gym.

Yep, I was fat. I wasn’t going to sit here and say that I was just thick and you either loved me or hated me anymore. Well, there’s some truth to that, but my health was more important and I needed to remember that my life was a gift. That gift allowed me to birth munch and I needed to be healthier for both of us. I didn’t want medication so what was I going to do? I started to work out, practice mindful eating and read the darn labels on food. Progress has been slow, but I have more strength and a fire in my spirit that says that…

I can and will do it.

I track my steps, monitor my sleep and work out. I’m learning to meditate to de-stress (this is still a work in progress) but I’ve made strides. One day at a time remembering that it is a marathon not a sprint. A change is gonna come as long as I am committed to being healthier.

Girl Using A Tape Measure Checking Her Waistline


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