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Distractions in School

Last week, my munch’s teacher sent him to the school nurse because he kept clearing his throat in class. The nurse called me and he sounded like he had that post nasal drip that everyone is getting because his sinuses are draining. I didn’t worry. She said he had no fever and no complaints about his throat hurting.

So, what was the issue?


His throat clearing was causing a distraction.  Plain and simple. Are you kidding me? He spent last week with his dad so I told the nurse that I would have his dad come and get him and make an appointment with the pediatrician. I did and he picked him up and took him to the doctor.

Verdict? It may be his allergies. Offered another medication to assist but stated that the throat clearing wouldn’t be over with by tomorrow. His dad decided to keep him home from school the next day and continue the medication so that he wouldn’t be a distraction.

Now, why am I complaining? Because this is some BS. Are you serious? A distraction? He’s 7 dang it. He can’t help it. Heck, we have to work when we lose our voice and when we have post nasal drip, but I don’t hear my employer saying, “Um, yeah, that continued clearing your throat thing is distracting, please leave for the rest of the day.” Why? Because they know I would skip my happy tale right on out the door and not give a crap about the work.

Throat clearing with post nasal drip is normal. However, giving my son throat drops like below to help with the irritation is problematic because they consider it medicine. WTH? Look educators, I can’t keep my kid out of school because he has post nasal drip and needs some dang Halls Breezers to soothe the irritation and you are saying nope keep him home.


I know that teachers have to teach, but medical issues that are not there shouldn’t be preventing my baby from learning. Heck, he needs to be in school each and every day. You sending him to the nurse made him feel bad about something completely out of his control and normal.  You’re basically telling him “Stop that dang noise! It’s distracting!”


Munch was back in school today with an email that I should be called if there is a problem and that he is allowed to take the Halls in his pockets. Let’s see if I get called by the nurse or not. You know I’m watching the clock, right?


  1. LOL That’s a new one. I’ve never heard that before. This just reminds me as another example of how the school system is getting super soft. Nowadays, these kids have off every other day for a drop of snow. Meanwhile, my 12-year-old ass was walking home from school because the bus stopped running at an earlier time due to conditions after a snow blizzard. (It happened one time but it is a story I never forget because it reminds me of how extreme the conditions had to be before school was closed.)

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  2. Oh I’m sorry that happened to him 😦 One time I was very sick and came to class with halls. When the teacher asked what that nice smell was, I said it was a cough drop. And she started saying “cough drop? cough drop?” I guess my school considered it medicine too :/

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  3. I clear my throat a lot when I have reflux. In fact, when I notice myself clearing my throat a lot, I realize it’s time to step back on reflux-inspiring foods.

    But the thought of being kept away from work or school for that is mind-boggling. Just mind-boggling.

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  4. Maybe that’s why I’m unemployed… I cleared my throat once in an interview and now I’m blacklisted everywhere…
    My daughters middle school dress code required the girls wear shirts with sleeves. Short sleeves were fine, cap sleeves were acceptable. But shoulders had to be covered, because shoulders are apparently a distraction, and a turn on (?).

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  5. Funny, there’s a guy in my office who clears his throat incessantly – VERY LOUDLY – and it’s hella nerve wracking! I used to sit next to him and try as though I may have to drown him out with my music and ear buds, it didn’t work. We are now separated by a partition, but I can still hear him. I think it’s either a serious nervous tick or his body is filled with mucous. Never heard of a kid being sent home – especially because it was temporary – but girlllll.

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