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I Don’t Want Your Good Morning Texts

This dating thing has me questioning my sanity some days. I hate when I notice patterns and things start to go awry. I hate it. It’s one of my many quirks. I pay attention to EVERYTHING.

As the case with the infamous good morning texts. Why do men send them when you’re dating? I mean do you really care that I woke up or are you using it as way to show me that you are more concerned than the next man? Ugh! I hate them.


I think what I hate about them is the generic or randomness of them. It’s not consistent. It’s not detailed. It’s very superficial and I sit there looking at my phone wondering why did you send this? Then my brain starts going into overload like “Are you going to respond? What are you going to say?” I don’t know.

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Most times I do eventually respond. I respond with the same generic good morning. I hate it. I think because it requires time and I don’t like wasting time. You know that I value my time more than any thing. But, the stressing is part of my anxiety. I hate being anxious.


I wonder if many men think that a good morning text is effort being shown. That he’s thinking about me. Hmmm! Maybe. But, real effort would be calling me or sending me a voice message letting me know how you’re thinking of me and wishing me an amazing day and can’t wait to talk to me later. LOL. Maybe I shouldn’t give that away.


I just think that the infamous good morning texts have given the lazy men an opportunity to stay relevant and I hate that. If you want to impress me write more than good morning. Maybe say something like “Good morning beautiful, I awoke with you on mind and in my spirit and I want you to know that I’m praying for you this morning.” 

Now, that’s how you make an impression. Maybe I should start sending men the same kind of texts they send me in the morning. What do you think?

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  1. Ah! So funny :p I started sending ‘Happy Monday” texts to my friends because I am not enough in touch with them :p So it’s a way to let them know that I’m thinking about them, and a conversation starter if they wish to share something.
    But yeah, in the context of dating, I’d feel like you :p

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  2. Lmao! I love this! Too funny hahahaha…and yes! you gave away the secret. A voice message is so much more personal and even if the message is a simple good morning, it’s the tone and cadence and breathiness that gives it flavor to carry you through the day. You are AWESOME Tikeetha! Love your posts on dating having NEVER gone through any of it. Bless you sweet woman. Keep on keeping on! You sooooo deserve your man! (when he comes!) ❤

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  3. LOL I think you’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head. One of those memes summarizes it perfectly. Someone told men that’s what they should do to show interest, so like the sheeple, some are, they do it. The only reason I know is because now, men have started doing it in inappropriate places, like Words With Friends. I’m like, dude…I’m just here to play this game, not get picked up :-/

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  4. As a man I don’t think sending “good morning text” is a bad idea. But I do think the texts should be meaningful and not superficial.

    Before I proposed to my wife, I sent her text every morning for 30 consecutive days. The texts were deep and meaningful. You can say they were love texts. She told me much later that she cherished them and was always looking forward to receiving them.

    So guys, send meaningful texts that expresses your love and care, not just to say good morning.

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