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Grandma’s Love

One of my favorite songs is Bill Wither’s “Grandma’s Hands”. It’s the perfect song that reminds me of my own relationship with my grandma and how wonderful she is. My grandma is one of the most beautiful, compassionate and strongest women I’ve ever known. She’s comforted me, disciplined, cooked for me and loved me all my 41 years on this earth. Her love is immeasurable.

Having been blessed to be loved by my grandma I have to tell you that there is no better relationship. I learned how to be a grandma from her so that someday (far, far, far away) when my munch grows up and gets married and decides to make me a grandma I would have learned from the best. What makes her so wonderful?


She mixes discipline with love and that good old country wisdom. It always has God at the core of everything. Because that is what my grandma believes. She taught us that. I remember sitting next to her in church and falling asleep on her breasts. She rocked me. She hugged me. She taught me how to be a young woman.

She only had a third grade education. But, my grandma believes in education and was so proud of me when I graduated college. She birthed 11 children and raised some grandchildren too, but she didn’t mind. She loved us. Each of us. Individually and collectively.

My grandma’s love endures and wraps my spirit in faith when I fall short. I am because of her. I will always love my grandma and there’s nothing like my grandma’s love. Trust me.



  1. Ok first of all, I read the title and Grandma’s Hands popped into my head before I even started reading! I love that song and I love Bill Withers. But after reading this, I feel like I love your Grandma too! This post made me feel warm, like I was wrapped up in Grandma’s love! You are so lucky to have your Grandma. I never knew my dad’s mom and my mom’s mom passed years ago. 😦 Thanks for sharing a bit of Grandma’s love with us today. 🙂

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